You are allowed to do stuff just because you want to.

Even if it uses up all your spoons/matches.

Even if it leaves your exhausted and broken the next day.

Even if you need to let other stuff slide a bit while you recover.

You are allowed to have fun, to go out, to take a day once in a while and do what you want with it.

Being , or , or a , etc doesn't mean you can't take time for you.

(I needed to hear this today, so I figured other folks might too.)

@jessmahler As a parent, I both laughed and appreciated that you added that in here with everybody else. Because fuck this is exhausting and I've forgotten how to do stuff because I want to.

@reibeatall Parenting-shaming for daring to put yourself first sometimes is a real and shitty thing.

Speaking from personal experience, always "putting your kids first" is actually a good way to fuck your kids up. But it's so hard to find time TO do stuff for you.

I've found I need to schedule my me-time an average of a month in advance to be sure I'll be able to take it. Don't wait for the chance to do stuff you want to come--make the chance.

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