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Hey, so, I've seen several folks talking about how coronavirus advice givers insist you should everything on hand for two weeks -- including your medicine, and how impossible that is.

I'm a small-scale prepper who has been working on getting a month's worth of medicine on hand for a couple years now. If you want to be able to have extra meds on hand for emergencies, here's some tips:

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Okay folks, I've been asked a question about managing needs and expectations in . For future reference, as long as I have spoons and time I am always happy to answer questions for polyam folks trying to figure stuff out.

This will probably be a long thread, so hiding the rst behind a CW. Feel free to read along and share your experience/insights.

I'm looking for ideas on how to market our coffee shop, both now during the pandemic when in person visits are ill advised, and in the future when in person visits are okay again.

I want to get new people to try our coffee, buy our merchandise, and our toys.

Do you have any ideas?

2: Carrots & Parsnips is under way. I am telling two intertwined stories, that of the vegetables themselves, their origins, cultivars, culinary considerations, &c., and of Master Thomas, the SCA scholar and master chef who I am pretty sure was the one who first told me about this, the story of my trying to re establish contact with a learned man I once knew, and see if I can confirm a memory and persuade him to please share his research. wanderingbeekeeper.neocities.o

Seeking discussion/opinions, re: cultural appropriation, ethnoreligions 

Seeking discussion/opinions, re: cultural appropriation, ethnoreligions 

So, a little bit of history, followed by some historiography, all to understand some public art here in Mexico City. About a month ago, June 30th to July 1st, we passed the 500th anniversary of La Noche Triste, "the Night of Sorrows." In 1520, after a series of nakedly genocidal decisions, namely the Alvarado Massacre in el Templo Mayor, and the subsequent death of Moctezuma II, Hernan Cortes and his conquistadores narrowly escaped their besieged compound in Tenochtitlan and fled the city.

In hindsight, shoutout to my 3rd grade teacher (on a US Air Force base in Okinawa) for reading “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” to the class and probably kickstarting more than one of us military brats toward condemning US war crimes

(If you’re wondering how to introduce this topic to your kids in an age-appropriate way, it’s honestly a good place to start)

Today I launch #TheReadingRoom #TRR on my site! This is a reading group/book club & our first season is Black/Indigenous philosophy!

This includes members only access to my site/forums/reading materials. I'm also doing virtual class like events so we can have chats abt the texts & themes.

I've put a lot of work into the syllabus & the site & I think the fee reflects what's offered. I've been a visiting lecturer before but this is my very own program!

Check the form:

I like a domain name that leaves little room for misunderstanding.

Filter by country, industry, profession. Ranges from designers to songwriters to actors to poets and more.

for my fellow writers who are also struggling with "how do i keep writing while the world burns?" i was just shown this series by Charlie Jane Anders:

I want one of two things:
1) media by gay people about a world where people are gay and nobody hurts us for it
2) media by gay people that grapples with homophobia

I will settle for
3) media by straight people that is just a little bit homophobic, just enough for Joke's

I have no interest in
4) media by straight people where neither gay people nor homophobia exists
5) scary ugly homophobic media

perhaps least of all
6) media by straight people that grapples with homophobia

For people like me, when our tools don't work properly or our workshops are too small or cluttered it feels like our hearts have gotten smaller. Our capacity to express love, not just for the people close to us but for the world in general, has been diminished. It's very hard to process and it can be very upsetting. A lot of guys with jobs like mine are suffering right now.

@frostclaws lmao, absolutely not

"hi I'm [deadname], they/them" got me he/him'd 100% of the time w/ no remorese

now i have a "feminine" name and am aggressively femme and they feel really uncomfortable when they get shit wrong

like, hmm, maybe this isn't about respect but instead about wanting me to align with your social standards of binary gender, Michelle

you need to respect people all the time and not ask for woke points just because i'm finally doing something you think is mildly socially acceptable

03/08/20: Formerly US$10/pr, now US$12/any 2 pr from any listing, free shipping in contiguous USA. Surgical steel earwires, various body metals. All handmade by me. DM for questions / details. $tarlimanjoppos or PayPal

Folks can't just take notes.

Folks need to *compare* notes, or else seeing one series of problems may have a tendency to become mission priority, and if you make mistakes elsewhere, the concom behind you may learn that they should just take notes *about fixing those mistakes*.

So yes, if we wanted to get top-shelf event planners and pay them their rate, that would definitely alleviate these issues.

But I also believe that if we want to solve these problems not only with these cons but with these *fandom cultures overall*, there must be a manual.

We need manuals. The only people who can write manuals for fan-facilitated events are fans. I think I push back against the idea of it being run by 'professionals' as if this is distinct from fans, because fans can also be talented event organisers. (This is also not a subtweet.)

Was organizing tea cabinet to see what i need to get. Found forgotten packet of loose-leaf te kwan yin in back.

*happy sigh*

Is a good morning.

Over the past two years, High Country News has located more than 99% of all Morrill Act acres, identified their original Indigenous inhabitants and caretakers, and researched the principal raised from their sale in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We reconstructed approximately 10.7 million acres taken from nearly 250 tribes, bands and communities through over 160 violence-backed land cessions, a legal term for the giving up of territory.

“There would be no higher education as we know it in the United States without the original and ongoing colonization of Indigenous peoples and lands, just like there would be no United States,” said Sharon Stein, an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia. “There is no moment or time or place or institution that is not deeply entangled with the violence of colonialism.”

To be sure, land-grant universities have accomplishments to celebrate[…] If it’s hard to deny that the Morrill Act expanded access to higher education, promoted economic development, and improved quality of life, it’s just as hard to believe that it all happened without cost.

“There’s a basic, underlying need for settlers in settler colonial states to have these kinds of mythological narratives about the benevolence of their own governments and about the progress that they supposedly brought to this place,” said Sharon Stein. “Having a conversation about the colonial foundations of those nation states really complicates those narratives, and it starts to bring into question our very right to be here and our right to make claims on this place and on the institutions that we are generally so attached to.”

In this context, Indigenous people are an inconvenient truth. If you look at the law and the treaties, then you raise an existential question about the United States and its very right to be here. It’s a question most people would rather ignore.

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