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Black History Reading List 

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Okay folks, I've been asked a question about managing needs and expectations in . For future reference, as long as I have spoons and time I am always happy to answer questions for polyam folks trying to figure stuff out.

This will probably be a long thread, so hiding the rst behind a CW. Feel free to read along and share your experience/insights.

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If you are new to the Fediverse and want to follow me, PLEASE at least have *something* in your profile and an post.

We were all new once, I get it. But I'm not going to accept follow requests from folks with blank profiles and no toots.

Give me some way to learn about who you are.

Oh wow. This feels like a great intro to polyam to me.

CW: The site is about sex, just all the sex things.

@jessmahler might find this useful to show people as you've become an intro to polyam resource ^^

#Polyam #poly #polyamoury

Request for Suggestions (Please boost!):

Hi all! My reading group is looking for anarchist texts that get a little deeper into theory, praxis, and history of anarchist thought, but are still modern enough to be accessible. Kropotkin, et al, are great, but we're looking for something that's more like a modern summary/analysis of Kropotkin (if y'all get what I mean).

Happy to hear any suggestions you might have!

The good news being, I'm up three pages this week for #Venleitche despite the best efforts of all the assholes in the world making my family's life hell for the past year, screw you fuckers I'm gonna get this damn game out. #amwriting #writing #ttrpg #rpgs #patreon

The lawyer who, pro bono, got me out of jail and got my charges commuted, who has stood up to ICE and DHS numerous times, organized antizionist jewsh community spaces, and so much more; just been diagnosed with breast cancer and can't afford treatment.

It would mean so much to me if you donated to her GoFundMe and spread this around.

Logging off for Shabbat all.

Have a good weekend!

trans, vagino, demande de conseil/asking for advice 

we need help - still? - again? i've lost count tbh
we lost our food stamps last month
the power fucked us out of 6 months of welfare power credit
we STILL have being throw out of our home looming over us and having to pay movers and deposits and shit

we don't have money for rent or bills or anything and the wife is supposed to be back in school next week

🖤 😫 🖤

i'm so sick of losing so hard just from trying exist$luxotek

Morning all

Did not get nearly enough sleep last night, but feeling pretty good in spite of it.

How you doing?

I've helped fellow disabled folks and others this week by sharing information about service dogs. Please help me keep my service dog in food and veterinary visits by donating here

tentatively took paypal off our ko-fi, in favor of just having stripe. Please let me know if this is a bad idea 😅 I feel like it's safer? Possibly better fee wise too, but I'm not sure

#disabilityCrowdfund #disabilityLifestyle #actuallyAutistic #chronicPain

Tried using my cast iron griddle for the first time since i seasoned it. Day-um, I love this thing. Made grilled cheese tonight. *Grilled cheese*.

After I finished the first batch, washing took thirty seconds. Little scrubbing bc of some cooked on cheese. As I'm drying nesting partner asks if I'm still cooking. Normally I'd look at the dirty mess of a pan and go "fuck no!"

Whipped up another batch, cleaning that time wasn't even 10 seconds. Like, rinse, swish, repeat, done.

I'm in love.

Would you recommend me an instance to talk about books, films, comics, scifi, fantasy, writing process and that kind?

This one is shutting down and I'm searching for another place to open a new account.

Oh, and I talk in Spanish the most of the time 🙂

Humble Bundle just went live with an Australia Fire Relief Bundle.

All the proceeds goes to 3 different charities (you can choose how much to which).

Check it out here:

#HumbleBundle #AustraliaFires

(this is a partnered link, but money only goes to charity from what I can tell, and I wholly support there.)

Do you like the worldbuilding stuff I've been sharing the past few days?

If you do, maybe check out my Patreon. subscribes get to read the story as I'm writing it.

@kibimon i remember being in a psych ward and people were refusing to use my chosen name which hadn't been changed yet - but they were calling me by a diminutive form of my deadname so i said, "you literally just called me something other than my legal name" and they said "well that's normal". it has nothing to do with laws and everything to do with reactionary traditionalism and hatred of trans people

It does my heart good to know that this is published in a peer reviewed medical journal


"Are there words or phrases one cannot say?"

Personal names. Personal names are only used by family members. Everyone else will use descriptors or epithets. "Near-Adult of the Silent Spinners" "The lanky spinner" "Councillor for the Silent Spinners" etc

That the familyless routinely use personal names (because they don't have a family affiliation to identify with) is just considered one more sign of how inappropriate/dangerous they are to society.

@Bashabez @ldopa i think they parallel eachother in all the ways firstly, which is something i wish ppl would see (bc like usa, latin am is a colonial project.)
what shifts is when white latines come to the usa and experience xenophobia that they rationalize as racism (different but overlapping experiences) & then say theyre a POC.

its actually what im writing about currently. its this inability to properly name experiences within structures of inequality

What the hell, I need to relax.

I'm starting a new game of Civ V

What civ?
What size world?
What victory should I go for?

D2 Are there any languages that are purely oral or purely literary? #WIPWorldBuilders

That's a good question!

Okay, so: Imperial Era, yes. Puma (as it's called in the vernacular) is spoken-only. There's a couple others, west and south, outside of the Bear Empire, as well, that are oral only.

One of those manages to survive, along with Puma, into the post-modern era; in addition, a language called Tracks is used only on their equivalent to chat sites & has no spoken element.


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