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If anyone is legit not in Oklahoma and looking for two people to rent from you. Lemme know.

Ann Leckie's Provenance, a book in the Imperial Radch setting, is on sale on US Kindle today.

#AnnLeckie #Provenance
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If I start a podcast about being a Boricua en Barcelona, performance art and slave monuments, would you listen if it was just me talking or would you want me to have guests very often?

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Suggestions wanted! Gifts for subsidized housing clients (CW: poverty, homelessness, housing insecurity) Show more

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@jessmahler it's like playing Civ2 which is not a bad thing at all

apparently you can also mod it to have rules for other games

I think I'm going to spend a lot of time playing Civ today.

Civ is sort-of my go-to game for days when I am low spoons but not so low I'm non-functional.

It's slow enough that it doesn't stress my executive function and being turn based, I can get up and walk away to do stuff anytime I gather up the energy and not screw myself in the game.

Someone recommend me some sapphic sci-fi/fantasy literature that's high on the fluff and comedy, and low on angst. I don't mind a bit of drama, but I want it to be a mostly feelgood thing.

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