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A Thread on Being in April and How You Can Help

Awareness makes April a hard month for autistic folks. A lot of autistic folks take a break from social media in April just to avoid it.

This year is worse. Social distancing and shelter-in-place affect us too. We may be more affected because of how difficult change is for us.

A social media breakh this April will be impossible for many of us.

Please read this. Learn how to make this month easier for us.

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Hey, so, I've seen several folks talking about how coronavirus advice givers insist you should everything on hand for two weeks -- including your medicine, and how impossible that is.

I'm a small-scale prepper who has been working on getting a month's worth of medicine on hand for a couple years now. If you want to be able to have extra meds on hand for emergencies, here's some tips:

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Okay folks, I've been asked a question about managing needs and expectations in . For future reference, as long as I have spoons and time I am always happy to answer questions for polyam folks trying to figure stuff out.

This will probably be a long thread, so hiding the rst behind a CW. Feel free to read along and share your experience/insights.

Have you been wondering if you might be autistic?

Aspie Tests has collected a bunch of diagnostic tests used in diagnosing ASD. You can use them to learn more about yourself & get a better idea of whether or not you are autistic.

@jessmahler note that Ashkenazi and European aren't synoyms

Sephardi Jews are also a historically European community, as are Italkim and Romaniote Jews, and they are all also having the norms of Israeli "Ashkenazi" Judaism pushed on them

meanwhile, real Ashkenazi culture in Israel continues to be hated and suppressed by the mainstream, as it has been from the very beginning. an early manifestation of this was mass protests over a showing of a movie "di yidishe mame", which ended up cancelled

So much this!! I have ADHD, and I wasn't diagnosed till adulthood. While that's different, I did have the experience of feeling that some things were harder for me than they were for others, while thinking that they *shouldn't* be. It's awful. If my parents could have helped me through that, and opted not to, I'd be furious with them. If you have information about your child's mental health, let them know. Do not try to hide how their brain works. That's just going to cause pain.

Very important for parents of kids!!!

You should tell your kids that they’re autistic.
by Chavisory

Really, really you should, And here's 6 reasons why.

"If God doesn't exist, that's God's problem."

I say this fellow Jews, they go "yup.", regardless of whether they personally believe or not.

I say it to Christians they say it's a self contradictory statement that no one could possible understand.

And this is reason #497 why biblical literalism is bad.

Books whispered to me.

I rarely opened them because it was like being inside a roar. The intensity overwhelmed me.

But I didn't mind the whispering; for me it was the same as folks who like the sound of rain on a pond or wool being combed.

As I was leaving the library I noticed a chillingly silent book on the floor. I nervously opened it to the first page; blank.

"Help," it gasped.



Her voice became the sweetest I knew.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

There's nothing more commodity than an ebook, they're identical no matter where you buy 'em. Authors' orgs could set up hubs to search for direct-purchase options, and these would double authors' ebook revenues in one go.

Image: Martin Cathrae



Bookshop also offers affiliate links for authors:

Ideally, I'd like to see all publishers allow their authors to sell their own ebooks, the way Tor Books allows me to do. When you buy my ebooks from me, I keep the 30% Amazon skims, then send 70% to my publisher, who send me 25% of that as a royalty.


If not, try , an affiliate system for indie booksellers. Bookshop has its own warehouse and shipping, but you can nominate a local bookseller to get 10% of your purchases (that rises to 25% if you follow a link from your local).

(If you want an audiobook version of this, try , the DRM-free indie-supporting alternative to Audible, Amazon's monopolistic, DRM-mandatory audiobook store).


Some bookstore owners - like San Francisco's Bordelands Books - are allowed to pack and ship existing inventory, and are shipping nationally. If your local bookstore can do this, order from them, for all our sakes.


Amazon is an "essential business" because it sells things like sex toys and hammer drills (don't mix these up!). But they also sell books. Your local indie bookseller is likely NOT an essential business, so they are now fighting Amazon with both hands tied behind their backs.


More Learning About Autism:

by @neurowonderful

Someone else added this to this list -- I can't do videos for the most part. But just the titles look awesome. So if you can do videos, check it out.

This #SolidaritySaturday is about #SelfCare

Give yourself what you need. This is about your long game. Recharge, repair, re-strategize.

Take a nap. Take a walk. Dress up fancy and swan about the house. Pull the curtains and get nekkid.

Put on loud music. Enjoy the silence. Drink water. Drink a little more. Eat nourishing food. Have a treat.

Continuing with our list of Learning about Autism resources,

If Not ABA, Then What?
from Thinking Person's Guide to Autism

When we criticize ABA, a lot of folks ask 'but what else can we do?'

The answer: LOTS.

At the end of the day, nobody really gives a shit about movie making evolving from film to digital. A good movie is a good movie.

Yeah, purists like to get into slap fights about picture quality, but at the rate at which digital is and has improved that's a moot point to the movie/tv watching public.

Film will always have a place, but it's days of it being viewed the 'superior' medium died a long time ago, if it even really existed in the first place.

Ha, folks need to let that go.

It feels like the nostalgia around film is deeply attached to the history of how limited the access to it was for long time.

There are technical arguments that could be made for the practicality of film vs. digital on both sides, but many of the 'points' made about film are based around the context of who was allowed to make films and who wasn't.

People that are attached to this era are bitter about not being able to retain control of it like they once were.

This seems relevent to the DIY crowd I know in Seattle and elsewhere: A microbiologist explains how to grow your own yeast: "Frumpy yeast geneticist" Sudeep Agarwala explains how to make your own yeast. More about Dr. Agarwala here. Original Twitter thread here.

Lydia X. Y. Brown isn't as focused on autism anymore, but they still write about autism sometimes, and their blog archives are gold.

Hey everyone, my name is Sam Hill. I'm a mixed-raced, status Kanien'kehá:ka from the Six Nations of the Grand River Rez, Turtle Clan. Queer musician and artist. I'm mostly working with sculpture and painting right now but I LOVE playing around with anything I can get my hands on. Gotta keep it fresh and new, right? :blobcatfingerguns: I write, play and sing my own music.

Jessica Burde's/Jess Mahler's Quora Answers about autism

I've spent several years answering questions about autism on Quora, going back to before I was certain that I am autistic. Currently doing an autism AMA if anyone has specific questions.

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