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Good morning Fediverse☀️

I’m trying to save my family’s home $5 at a time. We’re going to need A LOT of help spreading this. Have you got $5 or time to share this all over the place? This really is our last chance and we haven’t got any place else to go.

Thank you!! 💖

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I'll start. Hi, I'm Annalee, and I write science fiction and fantasy for teens and adults--mostly short stuff, but I'm working on a novel. I write feminism, humor, sarcasm, rage, queer girls and their friendships. Stories where hope is a hammer that can build bridges and break down walls.

I'll tag @andrhia, @Fran_Wilde, @aliettedb, and @ann_leckie.

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Over on birdsite, my mentions are full of authors talking about their awesome work and their awesome friends, thanks to a meme where you add other writers to a thread. It is fun and neat, so I'm gonna borrow it here. When tagged, introduce yourself, tell us what you write, and then tag some other authors you recommend following on here (please keep it to one post).

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Shit I guess I should do my #Indigeduction too: I am Mattaponi, a descendent of George Custalow, originally displaced I returned to reclaim my homelands and reconnect with my kin. Originally from MD, I’m currently working with my cousins on language revitalization and food sovereignty while combating anti blackness and misogyny in VA tribes. I recognize both my black and white ancestors in our complex indigenous identity. Mother; queer; smoll and angry.

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Making sure your digital photos aren't leaking your location or other information might be one of the most important technology-related privacy issues influencing your physical safety, so make sure to catch the latest episode of Loose Leaf Security. 🔒📸

Also, there's a new version of iOS out, and we cover the security changes. If you have an iPhone or iPad, make sure to update! ✨

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Ok, friends, I'm planning on launching my slow-paced #RoleGate #GUTSPlus #RPG campaign pretty soon! It's going to be "Mother Earth," the flagship GUTS+ campaign, designed to have the tone of Nintendo's #Earthbound / Mother series, and features a fully custom storyline with many branching paths and unique NPC characters.

If you're interested at all in playing, Read up on the GUTS+ Player's Handbook so you can dive in when we start:

Keep a look out for the invite link! :D

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Since today's both Yom Kippur and Talk Like a Pirate Day, I'm going to combine the two and observe Talk Like a Bubbe Day.

Here's how to get started.
Instead of "don't do X" or "I don't want X to happen," say "G-d forbid <pronoun> should X." "G-d forbid you should have to schlep all that way!" This usage can be sarcastic.

Instead of "you want me to", "say "you want I should." "You want I should schlep all that way just to stay one night?"

These 2 usages make up the Yiddish English subjunctive.

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Hey 👋🏼

I know this might be a long shot, but I'm looking for either a studio for a single occupant or an apartment to share with someone in Amsterdam. My budget is somewhere in the area of 1.000-1.200 euro.

If you know anyone that's looking for a friendly roommate or has something on offer, please bring me in contact with them and I'll love you forever 💛.

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if you are having a thought that is making you sad i will chase it away for you!
*runs around you jumping and batting at the air a lot*
go away! grrr!

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Bantha Milk, a Star Wars themed Mastodon instance! The instance is not restricted to Star Wars related content, general use is welcome and expected.

17 Users, 174 Statuses, 448 Connections

G'morning all.

Anxiety is high this morning, but lately that's been normal and it's been smoothing out by midday. I'm thinking dreams are fucking with me again.

Other than that, doing good. How are you?

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If you ever doubt the usefulness of your efforts, remember that a substantial amount of trees are planted by squirrels hiding nuts and then forgetting where they put 'em

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The princess had been locked in her tower for days.

The voice behind the door telling servants & nobles alike to Go Away was distinctly hers, but all were baffled as to why she had imprisoned herself.

Speculation flared; was she busy creating an epic tapestry? Hiding a lover? Was she kidnapped but a decoy was imitating her voice?

Indeed, it was an imposter.
The princess was adventuring, and her enchanted canary would be owed much millet.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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"Public libraries have long been defenders of intellectual freedom - the right to pursue different ideas or research, without fear of judgment or reprisal."

That's why @torontolibrary is bringing Tor Browser to its Learning Centre computers. source:

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Don't put your screen-reading #blind employees, coworkers, etc, right by machines that make a lot of noise (faxes, copiers...) Noise makes it really hard for us to work. Imagine if you got random flashing lights in front of your screen all the time.

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