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Hey, so, I've seen several folks talking about how coronavirus advice givers insist you should everything on hand for two weeks -- including your medicine, and how impossible that is.

I'm a small-scale prepper who has been working on getting a month's worth of medicine on hand for a couple years now. If you want to be able to have extra meds on hand for emergencies, here's some tips:

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Okay folks, I've been asked a question about managing needs and expectations in . For future reference, as long as I have spoons and time I am always happy to answer questions for polyam folks trying to figure stuff out.

This will probably be a long thread, so hiding the rst behind a CW. Feel free to read along and share your experience/insights.

emergency stuff, doin' it minimalist and/or autistic style 

I need recommendations for eye tracking hardware. Not being able to do much right now is distressing.

financial help request, boosts appreciated 

asking for financial help, urgent, plz boost if u can 

The Polyamorous Home -- Because home is what y'all make it.

"Finally, an in-depth book for polyam folk" – M.

(This is y'alls random reminder that I have books and you should check them out.)

Seeing as it's #InternationalPronounsDay, I'd like to remind you that singular they/them are genderless pronouns by definition. These do not refer exclusively to any nonbinary gender identities, and do not belong to nonbinary people.

They/them can be used for anyone and everyone.

If you don't know what someone's preferred pronouns are, using they/them is always a gramatically correct choice, because these words refer simply to "this one person"

I'm available to work on more commissions like these! If you want a pool toy version of a character modelled and rendered like this, let me know! Starts at $20 if they mostly fit the blank model below and go up from there. (Open to anthro, different poses, props, handles, valves, animation, even nsfw stuff, just DM me)

"Viola only squeezed his hands and shared her plan. But inside she wasn't scared, she was excited. her heart fluttered like a bird against the bars of a cage. A cage that, though she was only starting to understand it, might finally open for her."

Trans egg!Viola/trans!Cesario

Full scene up on Patreon

Yes, this paid work, by the way. You would be hired as a freelancer by the firm she works for.

"For Cesario, the story began much differently. For Cesario was not, yet, Cesario."

I have a list of nearly twenty organizations or individuals I want to reach out to directly to offer writing services. Most related to my own interests/identities or who I have interacted with in the past

Really appreciate all the boosts on my last post about freelancing. Can I get a bit more help? do you know any orgs that I could/should reach out to? Especially groups providing needed support/services who could use help putting together new member packet, info pamphlets, news releases, etc.

Person freaking out about people saying 'bi lesbian' says they thought people being upset about ableist slurs was 'just a joke'.

I doubt they see the irony here.

US pol adjacent, typos 

When Death comes for your soul, they take on the shape you expect. A robed skeleton, a young goth woman, an old judge, a... pink fluffy unicorn.
"You look just like I imagined," the soul said.
"Thank you," Death said gravely. "Now, come with me."
"Can I ride?"
"Just this once."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@emsenn -- question about substack. Are people notified about comment threads/replies? Like, if you or someone else reply to a comment I leave, will I get an email or only see it if I go back to the post? Can I see other people's comments or only my own?

"The Great Lie is that this is civilization. It's not civilized. It has literally been the most blood-thirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. This is not civilization, this is the Great Lie. or if it does represent civilization, and that is truly what civilization is, then the Great Lie is that civilization is good for us." - John Trudell

looking to expand my RSS feeds. what are your favorite far-left socialist, communist, anarchist, antifascist, feminist, etc sites/blogs?

"This is Cesario's story. But it is also Orsino's story. And Olivia's story. And Sebastian's, and Antonio's, and yes, even Malvolio's and poor Sir Andrew Aguecheek's. Because that is life -- our stories never pass alone, we are never the sole star. Our stories and our friend's stories, and our enemy's stories and others we don't even know exist all entwine and intertwine into the impossibly complex tapestry we call life."

Finally digging into my Twelfth Night novelization (queered)

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