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So... I'm back? Sort of.

Missed a bunch of y'all, here's the 411:

Self Care, Social Media, and Taking a Chance

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Hey, so, I've seen several folks talking about how coronavirus advice givers insist you should everything on hand for two weeks -- including your medicine, and how impossible that is.

I'm a small-scale prepper who has been working on getting a month's worth of medicine on hand for a couple years now. If you want to be able to have extra meds on hand for emergencies, here's some tips:

Rare books people, a very exclusive opportunity has reopened:

There are many books whose only digital copies exist in HathiTrust, a giant locked-down database of *millions* of books & similar materials. (sometimes they're in google books too which is equally inaccessible).

Because of the resurgent pandemic HT has reopened a service which lets people view digital copies of books at their universities. Long story short, this means for a limited time it will be possible to download some of these books.

The link above is a form for making requests. You can make an unlimited(!) number of requests for books. There are 2 main restrictions:

- you need to ensure there aren't digital copies available elsewhere (we can help with this)
- you need to link to a facebook account to receive the book if they can get it (because it's run out of a fb group)

If you can jump through those hoops this is a big opportunity. If anyone wants to translate this post to help people get books in not-english that would be very welcome too.

Please spread the word to whoever you think would be interested!

First Came Trust (E5)

The siblings took some time to get settled into the wagon. It was, as they had been warned, crowded. The wagon wasn’t a large one, and it was still piled with bags and bundles — though at least all the boxes had been removed.

When the small caravan moved out, the wagon the siblings rested in was at the front, just behind the screen of guards. Normally, the wagons would have been further back, but then the siblings would have been breathing in...

Going back and re-reading Virsana Empire: Sir Yaden series by Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus

These two are going on my 'must read' list. Everyone of their books, I'm smiling before I'm 3 pages into and delighted the whole way through.

Read in small doses though, there is real risk of saccharine overdose.

How they manage to have such sweetness in asetting with a realisticly disturbing level of corruption, sadistic nobles, and other horrors is a trick I haven't figured out.

a lot of people put "autistic person overexplains something" in the same bucket as mansplaining because they don't really care to differentiate and it's amazingly efficient at being both ableist and triple shitty to autistic trans women

gist yarn is offering a virtual artist in residency program this year for 3 fiber artists 18+ in the US

emphasis on community-based practices, proposed projects must include weaving but can be made in additional ways as well

does not require expertise or “established” artists

apps due feb 7

more info:

book, racism, slavery mention 

Henry Wouk's This Is My God is a DNF.

I knew reading a book by a white guy from the '50s I was likely to run into some icky stuff.

I did not expect in a book about Judaism to run into full on romantization of US chattel slavery.

mutual aid request, beg post, need food, boost 

I hate to make more beg posts but it's gotten bad recently. I have no job no source of income. I'm still trying to get my highschool diploma at 20. i live with my mom. and she rarely buys food for me so in turn i am underweight and recently have been losing even more weight. seriously any amount helps 💖🏳️‍⚧️
crypto wallet: (ask)

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #transcrowdfund

Celebrity death 

I can say quite literally that Meatloaf saved my life. His music has been a constant of my days for over 20 years. May his memory be a blessing.

What You Will (A Queer-er Shakespeare): S1 E9

Olivia paced the sitting room, replaying the odd audience that had just ended. “‘What is your parentage?’ ‘Above my fortunes, yet my state is well: I am a gentleman.’ I’ll be sworn thou art.” She shook her head, unable to banish the image of the impudent man from her thoughts.

Transformers have top and bottoms but its just about whether your the torso or the legs when you combine.

You know, when I say down to make my own style sheet 3years ago, I'm sure I didn't mean for it to sit unopened for 2+ years...

Morning all. Up early today, couldn't sleep anymore.

Hey #knitting ppl! I'm currently trying my hands at a (I think) simple pattern (The Miller's Daughter). I keep stumbling, can't remember which 6 stitches I have to repeat or where exactly I am. Every other row I have to fix issues! I tried making a little song out of the pattern, but I keep messing it up. Do you have advice for this kind of issue?

Hey #neurodivergent folks! Have you joined the BIPOC-founded and led neurodivergent forum, Sol Garden, yet? Wow you should because we're weird and awesome like you!

Here's our CoC, which I haven't read of updated in awhile but probably it's accurate:

White folx are vetted (not your diagnosis), because we prioritize the safety of our BIPOC members!

We are a safe space for all kinds of #neurodivergent folks, diagnosed professionally and/or self diagnosed! Share NaNoWriMo thoughts, ask for ideas to help with executive function, share your arts or other creations, or share a bunch of buzzfeed quizzes. Necro old threads! Or whatever!

Also we're a forum, not a masto instance :) Please make a public toot using #SolGardenInvite and we'll invite you! Eventually! (We can be slow, as you can imagine, and forgetful! It's ok to bug us after a couple weeks about it!)

mods/community facilitators are me, @ljwrites, and @pipon !

#neurodiversity #actuallyAutistic #ADHD #schizophrenia #Dyslexic and so on! #SolGarden

I have seen ANOTHER article about "the best time to exercise" and lemme give you a fun fact:

**Every single one of them is full of shit **

The best time to exercise is when you want to.
Morning & have the energy? Do it
Nighttime & you want to burn off energy? Do it
Midday because you have the time? Do it

It literally doesnt matter WHEN. It matters that you DO IT.

I've been dreading this moment.

Those of us who took up "free Gmail for your domain forever" back around 2008 are now faced with "pay us a monthly fee or lose every purchase linked to your account".

There's no ability to migrate apps, media, etc to another account of course. This feels like extortion.

Is it possible to get the ACCC involved in something like this? I have no idea how to navigate something like that.

This is a very fun interview, looking at how the automotive industry has promised the same goddamn things for the past 80s years or so, and they're the *same* promises that are now being used to sell autonomous cars as a cure-all.

Lots of fun historical stuff too, talking about Disney and Victor Gruen, the "Futuramas" put on by the industry, and lots more.

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