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Related: the reasons this topic (what my characters look like) came up, is because I've decided I need to work on do more marketing/promotion.

As I've mentioned, I'm trying to reach a point where I can get a service dog, which means I need to boost my book income by about $100.

I'll try not to be obnoxious with it, but it's going to be a thing.

Anyone interested in helping, please DM me. A handful of people to regularly boost posts or share on other social networks could make a big difference

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Committing myself to revising and releasing my Polyamory on Purpose books, starting w/ Polyamory & Pregnancy next June.

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to keep me accountable/pester me for updates over the next year or so.

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Lists of resource I keep forgetting to share: transliberation, organizing, Black radical politics, anti-racism 

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Rule for follow requests:

Have something in your profile and don't be an ass.

I switched to follow requests because I was getting hit by too many bots.

Blank profiles will get you rejected.

Stuff in your profile that makes me question if I'd be safe around you will get you rejected.

Everyone else is good.

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Hey, so, I've seen several folks talking about how coronavirus advice givers insist you should everything on hand for two weeks -- including your medicine, and how impossible that is.

I'm a small-scale prepper who has been working on getting a month's worth of medicine on hand for a couple years now. If you want to be able to have extra meds on hand for emergencies, here's some tips:

Help with bills (and food) :boost_requested: 

@mutualaid Update: $30/$130

Please give to a Black, Indigenous, or otherwise racially marginalized person first!

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid

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I must have been worse off than I realized because i REALLY needed those 2 extra days of no work and shit.

Feeling kind of icky right now because got stuck in thought-loop about bad shit, but otherwise had a good yom tov.

If racists, transphobes, homophobes, sexists, etc do not hate your guts and speak about you to their other bigot friends as someone it's a 'waste of time' to 'engage' with, you have to ask yourself if your progressiveness is really that progressive.

Am kind of dreading Rosh haShana this year. With all the life stuff, haven't been able to prepare like usual, so will be able to manage half observance at best, no idea if can manage tachlich, etc etc.

I'm trying to give myself permission to have a not-perfect holy day, but I feel like I need the time-out-of-time where I don't need to worry about regular life stuff and don't know how to manage it when I haven't prepared.

Logging off for Shabbat. May be on Sunday, may not. High Holy Days start Sunday evening. So if I'm not around for a while, that's why.

Shabbat shalom/shana tova/have a good weekend all

Do you write code for free and open source projects? Would you like to learn the basics of the Rust programming language? I’m offering to teach the basics of Rust to free and open source software programmers, for free.

#Rust #RustLanguage #FOSS #Training

Hey y’all, just a quick reminder as hurricane season ramps up, please do not fly your personal drones after a hurricane. I know it’s tempting, hurricane damage is extraordinary to look at, and it will probably get you lots of views. But we need that airspace for search and rescue and for damage assessments

If you don’t have an FAA Part 107 sUAS license, just don’t fly for a week or two after a major natural disaster, even if there are no flight restrictions, as a courtesy to folks who are flying to aid in disaster recovery

To be clear, I LOVE hobby drone pilots! Y’all have pushed the industry in incredible directions and made drones safer, easier to fly, and much more affordable. So, thank you!

I just want to make sure we all stay safe out there especially when there’s a disaster and folks need help 💘

Self Care, Social Media, and Taking a Chance

"In June of 2021 I took myself off social media for a month, and it went so well I just stayed off. Now, in October, I'm getting back on. This is my record of why, how, and what happens. I'll update with progress reports over the next year and we'll see how it goes."

The big One Year update and stuff

Snippet 1: Me and My Webserial from June 2022

Conversations between me and my webserialabout writing, life, and self care (among other stuff.)

Some of you may remember how this was a thing earlier this summer before life through me for a loop. Here they are, all pulled together in one place.

So... I'm getting a binder. I don't know when (bc money) but I have decided I am absolutely getting a binder.

"I found these centuries-old comics about people with 'super powers'. Did people really have those?"
"No, people have never had- Heh. Well, some did. People like us did."
"Like us? But we're nothing special, there's nothing unusual about us."
"In those days, we were invisible."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories #BiVisibilityDay

My Spanish is good enough I'm understanding Mafalda comics without a dictionary.

*happy dance*
Mafalda is awesome.

If anyone is looking for a mandarin translator, I am very experienced in working with medias. I have plenty of time at present, so yeah, I can translate any or People's Daily shits for you. And if I can translate those nonsense, I can translate anything that makes sense. Please fedi peeps, I need jobs!!

J.K. Rowling, long post, read and show it to your cis friensd, boosts welcome 

I'm gonna need cis people to understand that J.K. Rowling is not a neutral/good/apolitical person with a bad habit. She is an evil, actively harmful agitator who has been a, if not the, central figure of laundering and libwashing a ultra-far-right hate and terrorist movement, whose hatespeech has encouraged very real, very deadly violence, who has served as inspiration and justification to fascists world-wide, both Putin and the Republicans, who has an immense wealth which she most likely uses to fund said hate movement as well, who has been a vocal supporter of openly fascist and anti-semitic ideologues (such as Magdalen "Soros funds the transes" Berns), who has lent massive amounts of publicity and credibility to far-right figures and those who openly collaborate with the far-right, and who has been quoted verbatim by fascist Republicans in their campaigns for deadly anti-trans bills.

She not your nice aunt who's a little weird. To put it in terms HP fans understand, she's not Molly Weasley, she's Bellatrix Lestrange. She is a key figure of the anti-trans movement that has acted as a vanguard for the fascist resurgence. She has been directly co-responsible for spawning the conspiracy theories you now see on Tucker Carlson and Libs of TikTok. She has spear-headed the campaign that has sabotaged the GRA reform. She has praised far-right ideologues such as self-described theocratic fascist Matt Walsh.

She is a fascist enabler. Treat her as such. Treat her like Orson Scott Card or Varg Vikernes. Don't buy her shit. She's got riches to last her several lifetime, and spare change to fund a dozen fascist movements without ever running out.

Vehan: Dominic

Something attracted me to him the moment I saw him. I've always been a sucker for lots of skin and muscle, but normally I go for long dark hair, not short-cut blondes. Not that it mattered, either way. I was looking for a house haoza, not a bed warmer. I like my men to be able to say no.

Perhaps it was his face that drew me. It is so rare to see a haoza's face. Especially in the market, most keep their heads down, trying to appear docile.

If us Native Hawaiians make a TV appearance we're 'happy little islanders' ready to serve your maitai. The reality is we're the most over-incarcerated, lowest life expectancy, most police-murdered people in the US in ongoing genocide. (Hawaii ain't even a real state)

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I get that it's probably a minor 4 chord (minor triad + a fourth), but what's up with the /3? The 3d in the bass in addition? 3d inversion? Elsewhere there is an M6/5 ascending, which I take to be an Major chord + a sixth. With the 5th in bass? #musictheory #askfedi

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