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ruth [personal / 🦇 / 🕷️ ]

Tired: calling your significant other by a pet name
Wired: calling your significant other by their username

👏St👏op saying👏white👏p👏eo👏ple don't 👏have👏👏 rhythm


LB: true facts. I’m not very good at making pretty journals and stuff but I do find bujo ideas useful. All these super pretty things are great for folks who love stickers and markers and other things I just don’t stick (heh) with... but then I do a fairly minimal spread.

FYI: if you've been interested in but intimidated by all the fancy pictures and youtube videos, it's okay.

doesn't need all that stuff, in fact, the original version was just text, not even fancy headings.

Here's an example of a REAL minimalist bullet journal.

The real Nutcracker MVP was the Dew Drop who fell flat on her rib cage after a shoe slipped, then got up and did the fuetes anyway.

If you take meds, have you taken them? I forgot mine yesterday and whoops it was a mistake but I’m better now.

I’ve still never figured out how to make mastodon read toots aloud as they come in. It must be so creepy to hear a synthetic voice saying the word jorts over and over

Just finished a gift to send to Tree of Life/L’Simcha in Pittsburg. They’re almost my neighbors. It’s a small wall quilt.

And the wolf shall chill with the rat, and the elderly orc shall mutter “in my day”

Helpful of the game to remind me of things players will mess up with like—people don’t like it if you talk to them with your weapons drawn. 😅

I think this bandit I stripped may have Gender Stuff going on... 💯design!

‪I’m an elderly orc lady still wearing prison trousers who’s gonna show up with the imperial amulet. Will the dude believe me?‬

Just killed a crab which was carrying a fork. Did it intend to eat me? This Scion of the Chesapeake is shook.