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ruth [personal / weird]

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Listening to A Legacy of Ashes — history of the CIA.

And I’m like ...holy shit, the Dulles brothers tho. I had no idea how bad it was. Dang.

Really getting into and enjoying Dishonored 2. Sneaky/non-lethal play is a huge draw for me

Hoping to avoid the following responses:
- Ruth doesn't understand the song's hist-ory (there's like 2 paragraphs on that!)
- Ruth doesn't like Woody Guthrie (literally have a pic of him saved on my phone ... for some reason?)

I've been sitting with these thoughts for a while on some of the effects of singing "This Land is Your Land" at rallies, demonstrations, etc. This post is about recognizing and considering unintentional and situational implications, particularly re: settler colonialism. The tl;dr is that I can't not hear the words of manifest destiny in it any more.

...basically when writing the post, I don’t want to reiterate everything which can be read online or get too worked up in criteria for singing or... just like, think about it?

Got a tricky blog post I want to write tonight. It’s essentially a “maybe not with the unironic singing of ‘This Land is Your Land’” at protests.

The song and its history are a lot more nuanced so I’m not gonna say “oh this is a bad song” and it’s sung with a welcoming sentiment. But the unironic “this Land was made for you and me” thoughtlessly reinforces manifest destiny ideas.

For Guthrie’s history of writing it:

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Yesterday, for I think the first time, I heard someone who said that they had a loud voice but they would use the microphone anyway. It was amazing.

@Wesley_Barton @josh_robusto things i have seen someone, under oath, try to explain to a judge:
- what gab is
- what facebook is
- what a 'pinned post' is
- what 'livestream' means

going to court is free entertainment. i don't know why more people aren't doing it.

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@ruth I’ve been trying to remember to give myself a good foot rub every morning before I get out of bed. When I do, I feel better all day.

My dog is basically a highly opinionated teddy bear.

Trying to figure out what to do on my Saturday and I mean the answer is probably “quilting” but yknow what kind/how?

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Boost This Picture of Xena and Seven of Nine to raise awareness of the Nineties