@janellecshane any chance we could see some more neural net generated cocktails? Perhaps in December, in time for Christmas and New year parties???

(I basically just want more of those amazing illustrated versions of the recipes, like that one that just ends up with a bunch of bottles and four teaspoons of sugar laying off to the side of the actual cocktail)

@janellecshane > A sarcastic, racist noble using progressively tinier body parts as a human shield

I'm losing my shit over here

@janellecshane Those pajamas seem legit. Maybe build an AI that generates some CNC textile printing and sewing instructions, and just sell whatever it comes up with on demand?

@janellecshane "A poker player in possession of an onion"

WELP, got my costume picked out

@janellecshane I think in pictures, and couldn't help visualizing the Sexy gingerbread man.. a gingerbread man wearing a thong and a see-through bra.... It's the stuff of nightmares!

The burlesque horse just made me laugh. A lot.

@janellecshane "Commentary couldn’t be heard over the squawking of clocks" sounds like a cryptic crossword clue.

@janellecshane "Time Lord Power Ranger" sounds like a pretty good mashup. 😃

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