In which I took OpenAI's 117-million parameter neural network and retrained it to write character bios for Dungeons and Dragons

Update: The Raven Tower by @ann_leckie is SO SO GOOD. Highly recommend.

Started reading The Raven Tower by @ann_leckie last night and it's SO GOOD. If you liked the weird spaceship minds in the Ancillary Justice series, I have excellent news for you about The Raven Tower.

"come to your joyful love journey and ride your uptight, stoned tiny horses"
Your horoscope for March, according to mini-GPT-2

Maybe that's the point at which we got onto this timeline.

So apparently I read Tamora Pierce's Wild Magic series umpteen times over the years and only NOW realized the main character's name is Daine, not Diane.
Berenstain Bears moment.

I took a look at a new tool for detecting AI-written text. Apparently the text my neural nets generate is so unpredictably incoherent that it registers as human.
(purple + red = unpredictable. lots of this = probably human-written)

so we have a student who we asked to train a VAE to generate memes. he was showing us his newest model, which has problems with mode collapse, and was only outputting one thing over and over again (I swear I am not making this up):

"one does not simply make memes"

GUESS WHAT!! I'm so excited to announce that I'll be speaking at !!! This year's lineup is terrific, and I'm so honored to be among such amazing people!

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