She was just one cat, but Grumpy Cat made such a mark on the internet that she's everywhere in the LSUN Cat dataset.

Neural nets like StyleGAN now generate her image when asked for "cat"

Anyone going to Denver Pop Culture Con? I'll be on panels all three days this year!

Also interested in the super-specific questions. "What's your recipe for this?" "Can you construct this instrument and tell me what Jupiter's bands look like?"

If you could talk to someone from about 1000 years ago (assuming language barrier is overcome), what would you ask them?

wind speed at palmer station is 75 knots, which I've seen maybe twice. the water looks even rougher than I've seen it before, though - is the wind speed sensor maxed out?

The opposite of a microwave is not a refrigerator. It's a small striped pebble with luxuriously long eyelashes.

I'm using to answer the pressing questions of our age.

so @phantrosity of birdsite pointed out that you can use to generate the opposite of something.

this is the opposite of a horse.

I tried to use to illustrate the neural net racehorses, but apparently it wasn't trained on "horse" as a category. Closest thing I could find was "horse cart". which, um.

It's getting brighter!!
The aurora must be incredible. You can even see a bit on the webcam image.

"allowing the demon to devour you is a dangerous proposition, but it's worth the risk".
i'm literally dying. someone has used GPT-2 to build a neural net generated text-based dungeon game.

Broke a nail in a very particular way and now I have 1 super-sharp claw for the rest of the day

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