The box is too small so she sits behind it instead

"The bleating was remarkable – loud and sharp, the practiced bleat of a person who knew how harsh real sheep can sound. The professor, flustered, stumbled back. Le Guin took that as her cue, grabbed my arm and said, ‘Let’s go.’"

I've been thinking about this essay for days. It is wonderful.

This little bot is modeled after Annalee Newitz's Robot, who wants people to be healthy and happy so they don't ever have to commit a manward of WWak.

What will the machines debate when the humans are gone? I fed 4,369 British Parliamentary style debate resolutions into to generate new topics suitable for the post-human era.

This seems like a good place to ask this question: so i am *working* on cutting my cat's claws, but in the meantime I have these little loops extruding from the thighs of my jeans. Is it safe to just cut them? Techniques?

Project in progress: debate topics by neural net

"I thought my “fart burp yonder” language was really clever until I had to try to remember it myself. "

Nobody warned me that if I listened to the audiobook of Ancillary Justice, I would have "My Heart is a Fish" stuck in my head.

The littlest penguin at lower center: I was so worried for it an hour ago when it was an egg and all of the other babies were HUGE already.

Now I'm left wondering how that huge fluffball fit in an egg that was half its size.

These are names the neural net came up with for high school robotics teams.

My point is the names of the Terminator bots should have been a LOT weirder.

If I've learned anything this year, it's that AI has no clue what it's doing.
Here are 10 of my favorite experiments from this year.

Boost please: This is a discord server for Mastodon queers that are alone tonight, we can make a nice party in there:

i have given this some thought and have concluded that nuthatches are the best.

"a real-life Robot probably would have ended up lost in a closet like a flying Roomba, sticking to its pre-programmed conversational routines, cheerfully asking a Spock T-shirt if it would please cough into a handkerchief."

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