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Janelle Shane @janellecshane@wandering.shop

Anyone have a favorite super-simple throw-it-together crockpot recipe? Under some deadlines here but still want tasty leftovers. Any type of food OK.

There's this one self-affirmation talk that's been marketed under 4510 different titles. I decided to train a neural net to generate some more.

"Man Leaf Cross", a SkyKnit pattern so messed-up that even the heroic debugging of test-knitter isilzha couldn't save it from becoming whatever the heck this is.

This is "Revers Shawl", test-knit by citikas. It was one of SkyKnit's earliest designs, and despite heroic debugging, not exactly a shawl. It was reversible though.

I'm training a neural network to generate new knitting patterns, in partnership with a bunch of folks at Ravelry.
This is "Mystery lace", test-knit by DataSock. ravelry.com/discuss/lazy-stupi

Mastodon semi-newbie question: I've been doing an epic thread on Birbsite on a knitting experiment that I think you all would love. I'd like to reproduce it here but don't want to spam everyone's feed. Is there a way to thread without each reply cluttering up the timeline?

@janellecshane 66F this afternoon; now 25F and heading to 18. Low tomorrow 5. No wonder trees hate it here.

As the sun was setting, I was too hot on my porch. It is now 11pm and snowing.

Alpine webcam is particularly nice this morning at Rocky Mountain National Park.

I wonder how many times in a row I will see this bag on my counter and think it is my cat. So far the answer is at least 10.

replacing each word in _The Road Not Taken_ with a word from _Sea Rose_ that begins with the same letter (when such a word is available) mastodon.social/media/DYF1EOXT

AI-generated candy hearts Show more

Folks with cats: how do you get cat hair off your clothes?
Do you spend large chunks of time with lint rollers? Pick off individual hairs the rollers don't get? Wear a cleanroom suit when petting the cat?
My cat is wonderful but I'm beginning to look rather fluffy myself.