Ai-generated cereal; raisins 

Felt like using to mess up some brands. Here's breakfast cereals!

Did you know that kiwi birds are noticeably large birds, with some species reaching 45cm (18in) tall? apparently doesn't.

Discovered I can use to make new horsies.

This is "Product photo of a breyer horse model of a guinea pig" that would make a lot of sense, from my understanding these AIs tend to generate large-scale features and then fill in the details

Testing a theory that dalle2 does worse at generating things the smaller they get, I discovered that it makes really mean eye charts.

The thing about large language models like GPT-3 and Lambda describing the experience of being self-aware is they can also describe the experience of being a squirrel.

AI-generated donuts 

I used GPT-3 to generate some new donuts, and then drew some of my favorites.

An AI-generated blog auto-spawns dozens of posts per day, and many are victims of what I'll call the Baltimore Orioles Effect, in which AI mixes two very different things with similar names.

There's a group of fossil bivalve mollusk with genus name Megalodon.

There isn't much online about them, but ask GPT-3 to write a press release about them and it will generate lots of "details" about how it's a giant terrifying predator.

Character in Charlie Jane Anders’s Dreams Bigger than Heartbreak meets a space beetle and

“My name is Wyndgonk and my pronoun is fire.”

and so

“As Wyndgonk speaks, a burst of dark smoke sprays out of fire mouth”

this is so fun.

"Easter eggs, matte painting"

matte paintings are usually epic film backdrops so

(generated using @midjourney's CLIP-based text-to-image algorithm)

I used GPT-3 to generate a list of pranks for a computer to play on a human.

Apparently computers think they're being hilarious.

Tired of generic greetings?

Confuse your friends with AI-generated Valentine cards!

GPT-3 generated the messages and descriptions, and then I followed its instructions to create the cards.

I prompted GPT-3's DaVinci model with 13 paint colors (name, and R G B color coordinates) from a neural net I trained 5 years ago.
DaVinci drew on its internet training to generate these.

AI-generated breakfast food 

Used GPT-3 to generate new breakfast cereals and descriptions.
Some are a bit questionable.

I went on a quest to get CLIP to recreate those giant wooden playground complexes from my childhood. You know, one of these.

I figured it would work - they already look like a fever dream of an over-enthusiastic AI. I never got close.

Lucrative startup idea: use AI to predict the next toy fads!
Here I used GPT-3 to complete a list I seeded with pet rock, tickle me elmo, and furby. Its job is prediction, and its dataset is the internet. It is made of math so it is infallible.

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