@janellecshane I tried to go fishing in a pond and got attacked by a thief. It was somehow almost coherent.

Playing a dungeon game where a neural net is DMing has a lot in common with lucid dreaming.

Text in particular is slippery and resistant to being read.


I trained a neural net to generate crochet hat patterns, and they showed a disturbing tendency to explode into ruffled hyperbolic yarn-eating shapes.

image credit: Chunky Hat, crocheted by Joannastar

Another "Science/SF New Releases for Fall" list. This one is nice and tight and short. (I'd already preordered "You Look Like a Thing and I Love You" from @janellecshane but I picked up "Fortuna" by Kristyn Merbeth.)


The neural net did spectacularly well with this fanfic if you assume it's supposed to have been written by Kylo Ren himself

mesmerized by the landscape-generating model in @_joelsimon's new artbreeder.com beta

can this please be the aesthetic for the next matrix movie?

The XFL announced their 2020 team names yesterday and for a league led by the CEO of WWE they're surprisingly unremarkable.
What if they had named them with a neural network instead?

ht David Griner for the idea; neural net sampled via talktotransformer.com

This is what snacks will be like in the Simulation.

The gpt-2 neural net attempted to add to a list of British snacks and came up with these.

Just finished Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea by
Sarah Pinsker - highly recommend!

And Then There Were n-1 remains one of my favorite short stories ever, and I have FEELS about the one where they’re playing Old Time music in space.

Prompted talktotransformer.com to complete a short list of things from my book and here's what it did.

Struggling to articulate what about this is so disturbing.

When I was trying to come up with a title for the AI Weirdness book, I tried training a neural net to generate titles.

There were a LOT of rejected titles.


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