Some of the neural net teas now exist as Adagio Teas blends! Impressed at how Patricia managed to put together a plausible "Slippery Violet Sands" and a "Winter Snail Glitter Bomb"

Who wants neural net-generated tea?

Green Slime Essence
Fresh Green Skunk
Strawberry Lime Dissolution B
Ice Chlorophyll Glaze
Bleeding Apples with Sea Salt
Dangerous Rock TREET
0-3 ½.5Gridges
26 Grief Hills
4 Cup Emulsion
Drcrated skin finishes!
Size Yes 37 (21,28,38) x 54 (9 or 15)mm
Shiny Living Veins
Blue Foam Duet
Fish Drumstick
A unique combination of leaf of fire and custard Sodium ascending Fujiyama

It has been pointed out to me that the neural net-generated teas are almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

What would it be like if machine intelligences of the far future tried to recreate tea?
This may be the most experiment I've ever done.

I'm as tired of "OMG AI" headlines as the next person, but this is legitimately really cool:

Because it's not "computer out-sciencing humans", it's "computer doing the super tedious literature search and finding possible connections you would've missed".

In case you missed it: I'm using a neural net to generate crochet patterns. Quite a few of them are space-devouring hyperbolic traps.
Results (and amazing test knits) on my birdsite and in the Ravelry LSG thread. Not posted here to avoid spamming you all with patterns.

Ravelry folks! In particular, crocheters! I have my first neural net-generated patterns posted to the LSG HAT3000 thread.
Did it work? I have no idea. Some of the crochet notation in the dataset is VERY old, and it's not consistent at all. The results look like patterns maybe?

the neural net's most intense fly mutants are a bit beyond my artistic abilities but I would love to see what they look like

Decided to see what would happen if I trained a neural net to write names for self-aware AIs.
May I present: GPT-2 trained on AI names from Iain M. Banks's Culture novels

neural net writes recipes, someone probably already pointed this out but I still find it funny... Show more

Not sure how I talked Philadelphia's Morris Animal Rescue into letting me name some of their kittens with a neural net. They did reject some names.

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