Gave a neural net some examples from @mondomascots and it responded with some deeply weird mascots.

The Brando, a guesthouse in Tokyo, is represented by Garapon-kun, a shy yet terrifying Jack-in-the-box that likes to play with balloons.

Makuo, a sea anemone from Kagoshima, can see the future. His antennae are mittens, but he has eight toes on each hand.

"Leaning Tower of Pizza"

I used @advadnoun's Big Sleep program to steer BigGAN into generating weird images for me, using CLIP for feedback. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it failed hilariously.

Not only can DALL-E generate some pretty amazing pictures, but someone at @OpenAI put some very ai weirdness-worthy prompts in the demo. These are so much fun.

“That Time It Rained for Two Million Years”
“When Giant Scorpions Swarmed the Seas”
A lot of stuff has happened in 4.5 billion years.

I prompted GPT-3 with epic @EonsShow episode titles to see what the next billion years might hold.

Got GPT-3 to generate new Christmas carols.

Here is "Mild is Rudolph". Are you not cheered and comforted?

I gave a set of 2020 headlines to the neural net GPT-3, whose training data cut off in October 2019.

Having never seen 2020, it tried to predict what headlines are next on the list.

GPT-3 generates reviews for the tiny neural net char-rnn's chaotic recipes.

GPT-3 is apparently trying to produce reviews that could plausibly be written by whatever weird humans are visiting this mangled recipe website.

So I managed to get GPT-3 to generate new Victorian handkerchief flirting codes.

I hope you find them useful for adding subtext to your next zoom call

This AI has never heard of but when I gave it the list of existing teams, GPT-3 predicted that these teams will come next.

The neural net GPT-3 has seen enough Halloween costumes in its general internet training that to get something unusual, you have to ask it for a twist.

I asked for high-visibility costumes for viewing in the age of covid, and was not disappointed.

Making a book with my best buddies? Who could say no to that?


Huge news! I've been working for a few months with and on an unofficial sequel to Harold Cohen's 1984 Artificial Intelligence Coloring Book! Some gorgeous teaser images from Anna's section below. So much more to come! 😍


Wondered what would happen if I gave this prompt, a permanent message designed for a nuclear waste site, to something oppositely ephemeral, a neural net trained on a snapshot of internet text from October 2019.

This post is not a post of honor.

Are you not terrified and repulsed??

I prompted GPT-3 with some human proposals for marking a nuclear waste site, in a way that will still be forbidding millennia from now.

"I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that telling a neural net to pretend it’s a smaller, more-confused neural net is now easier than actually training the smaller neural net."

wow @janellecshane
welcome to the future I guess

Rather than collect 1000s of supervillain bios, train a neural net on them, and style-transfer them all to be about AI, I just had GPT-3 generate the resulting blog post.

I collected my favorite AI supervillains and illustrated them.

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