Anyone in the Seattle area? I’ll be at Elliot bay book store tonight 12 Nov at 7 pm talking about my book!

Update: I addressed one book to someone as “The <firstname>” instead of <firstname>

going to my first ever book signing this evening and am worried i'm gonna mess everyone's books up as i try to talk and sign at the same time

Hey if any of you are in NYC I'm doing a book preview event on Wed evening where you get an advance copy of my book!
(it is at a brewery in brooklyn)

Does anyone else get a dry spot inside their mouth - right at the hinge of the jaw - that triggers coughing fits? If so, do you have a strategy that helps?

discovery: cat on lap makes a decent heating pad! makes laptop use awkward but we're working on a compromise

neural net generated this one and i'm super proud of my illustration.

gotta figure out how to use this as often as possible

any of you in NYC? I'm coming to Brooklyn on 10/23 for a book preview event that sounds pretty awesome (you get an advance copy of my book if you go).


Have you heard of this game where you play as a horrible goose that wreaks mischief on the mild-mannered inhabitants of a small English village?

This neural net certainly hadn't.

Unexpected pleasure of getting new deck furniture: showing it to the cat. Her furry little mind is BLOWN
She keeps sniffing each piece in turn

So excited: my publisher is going to give away some advance copies of my book to people who draw these! Tag your drawings with and I'll pick 3 people a week to get copies of You Look Like a Thing and I Love You.

No formal rules about this - use the hashtag so I can find your drawing. I'll pick them according to *handwaves* criteria. Can only ship to US and Canada, sorry. But I might be able to do something for the UK next!

A.I.nktober prompts are live! Now you have your choice between the official list of reasonable prompts, or these entirely bonkers A.I. generated lists.

more on the process here

Does anyone else have haptic feedback on their phone... and really really like it? Each little twitch is like candy

I spent a good chunk of this afternoon pretending to be @janellecshane and getting a neural network to come up with mushroom names - using textgenrnn and a much longer list.

Favorite new mushrooms to follow in unlisted toots. I haven't tried drawing pictures yet but I hope future-me or someone else will take up the challenge.

Max Woolf's Google Colaboratory notebook is very easy and fun and I 110% recommend playing with it.

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