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Janelle Shane @janellecshane

When you let evolve a new floor plan for your elementary school
Interesting work by Joel Simon joelsimon.net/evo_floorplans.h

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@janellecshane unfortunately the machine does not seem to know about practical limitations in the construction of buildings with available materials.

@mona as described in the link

“The creative goal is to approach floor plan design solely from the perspective of optimization and without regard for convention, constructability, etc”

(cc @janellecshane)

@mona In the first couple of tries, it didn't even know about windows!

@janellecshane @mona It would be nice to add in more construction constraints, such as cost of building certain shapes with existing methods.
@janellecshane It's interesting how the optimized versions look more biological - like cells and blood vessels.

@bob Isn't it? Plants don't need to hang pictures on their cell walls.

@janellecshane if they add "chalkboard visibility" fitness it might be even viable

@janellecshane I don't know why I'm so greatly amused by the word optimised in inverted commas.

@janellecshane I know you mentioned windows came later, are you adding in things like fire and building codes as restraints?

@janellecshane this seems a lot more organic and cool to live in than a square school...

@janellecshane Nifty. Now I'm wondering what you'd get if you added the constraint that rooms must be rectangular.

@zwol @janellecshane at a glance, the uneven width of the aisles strikes me as way odder than the room shapes. This is so interesting, thanks for sharing!

@janellecshane “Existing materials” are plenty available to build these sorts of structures. There is nothing natural nor necessarily economic about the “stick built” material pipeline save that it serves capital formations. This could and should be built. Stone, wood, and adobe or rammed earth might suffice. The psychological benefit to children alone would be worth it.

@janellecshane C’est beau, ca ressemble beaucoup aux arbres de Steiner. C’est optimisé pour la sortie par le couloir en cas d’incendie mais pas pour la sortie par la fenêtre par contre.

@janellecshane So uh... my coworker asked why they're round, and I thought I knew the answer, but then I did the math and I'm not sure. Keep in mind I'm an actor so my math is probably wrong.

@janellecshane interesting that the topography isn't really all that different, at least in the first image!

@janellecshane i see the ai revolution isn't coming any time soon

@janellecshane It makes me think of Little Belaire, a community in the book Engine Summer (a beloved old fav of mine).

that machine learning thing would have worked better if someone told the program that there's a reason why the shape of a room tends to be formed of right angles