The chart was in fact inspired by a Tumblr discussion of whether a group of nine Charmanders counted as a menorah if you had one stand on a chair. I'm happy to be able to share it with all of you.

@DialMforMara @shel alternatively: 4 Charmanders, 1 Charizard, 4 more Charmanders

@mio @DialMforMara @shel I notice that all of these assume that 9 elements are required, is there a third dimension where I can assert that a single Charmander, or perhaps a single pencil, embody menorah-ness?

@wilbr @mio @DialMforMara I mean
A Chanukiah is a menorah for nine candles but there's also other menorahs which are not chanukiahs and only have room for 7

@mio @shel
I think even the most radical menorah has to be able to symbolize all eight days

Unless you're using a seven-branched menorah, and I don't know whether that's structure purist or structure neutral

@DialMforMara @wilbr @shel is this approaching Theoretical Quantum Menorah territory or

@mio @DialMforMara @wilbr I'm going with the talmud on this one

A menorah is anything that can hold X candles in a line where one candle is higher than the rest of the candles (the shamash) and if it has 6 candles + shamash that's a regular menorah and if it has 8 candles + shamash it's a chanukiah

@DialMforMara i shared this with a jewish friend and they have pointed out that since you're supposed to not do any work until the menorah burns out (not blow it out yourself), if you made a menorah of charmanders, where there are pokedex entries saying the flame on their tail never goes out, the rabbis would probably let you after doing some checks re: charmander status, but would then laugh heartily as you realize you just SCHOOOOOL'S OUT! FOR! EVER! yourself

and that's wonderful

@th I think it's functional neutral--it's a toy when you take it apart, but when it's put together it's a display piece

@DialMforMara Can't find 'em; maybe try using literal Candle & Foil Menorah;
Found the Electric & left it on All Day 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

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