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is the idea that, in this screwed-up world, showing kindness and empathy is a radical act of rebellion.

You don't just give to charity and respect people's pronouns because it's the right thing to do; you do it because fuck the patriarchy.

Know your singular-theys!

- The gender-neutral (epicene) they
- The agender they
- The plural-individual they
- The animist they
- The speculative they look kind of queer so I'm gonna stay on the safe side they
- The oh god I can't remember names how the fuck am I gonna remember pronouns they

Double loop of DK won't fit through the bead. Maybe I should just get another needle threader and pre-string four hundred beads.

ok, figured out how to get the 6/0 seed beads onto the DK yarn, but now I need a new sewing needle threader

or a crochet hook so small I'll lose it

I have enough PDFs of RPG material piled up to get me through a brutal winter, but:

I don't experience winter snow-in events, and

I have a job, and

I should also be using my limited time to make things

In summary: Please bury me with my unread PDFs so archaeologists will think me a mighty warrior who slew many documents or something

Got 1200 yds of fingering-weight merino and fifty hours of flights coming up ... time to look for a good lace shawl pattern?

Make an honest moral inventory of yourself.

A tool to create custom smartphone keyboard layouts for languages beyond those typically supported by tech companies #linguistics

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@DialMforMara @gdkar gen x invented a lot of the things we kinda just take as part of life and that's wild

Merriam-Webster has a feature that shows what words were first attested in any given year.

I am as old as 3D printing, augmented reality, HTTP, HTML, VOIP, nanotubes, PDA (the technology), PDF, autocomplete...

AND polyamory, top surgery, and transphobia. The 90s were an interesting time.

Finally put part 1 of How to Play a Planeswalker in D&D up on my blog. Part 2 is gonna need some work now that we're nerfing auras and equipment.

I feel spectacularly unmotivated today.

On the one hand, I've applied for seven jobs and it's not even noon.

On the other hand, I also had plans to write statements of intent for PhD programs today, and can't bring myself to do that.

Maybe I'll feel better after the phone interview I've got in a couple hours. Maybe not.

"All humans are misfits," the alien said.
The barman, an Australian, smiled. "Really? Ever been to Earth?"
"Never. But all humans I've met have been."
"Only two kinds of human out here. Those who travel from, and those who travel to."
"Well, the rest don't travel."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I'm going to buy myself some nail polish this weekend.

While I'm at it, is there any other easy to use makeup you'd recommend for a amab individual trying to figure out if they just want to be a bit camp, are less male then previously thought, or other?

I've heard eyeliner can make your eyes really pretty, but based on the one time I wore it as goth makeup it was super hard to get off and I'm not sure if it would do much under my glasses anyway....

Everything is case sensitive unless proven otherwise.

Frens, give me your good links for describing the difference between sex and gender, and general educational links on what being trans means <3 (Friend who has a trans son is encountering a lot of hate today, and it's coming from a very ignorant perspective and people largely conflating sex with gender. I want to give her some links to throw at 'em. Thank you!) <3

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