Finished tomorrow's blog post.

So, ah, several weeks ago I stole an idea from @aldersprig and asked folks what I should blog about. And I got a bunch of different answers.

So I just did all of them. I don't have the spoons to dig through my mentions, but whoever asked from a post on the Generational Home, it's up tomorrow for you!

Morning all.

I kept forgetting to share this week's blog post here. So, here it is...

The Foundation of the Family — Generational Home


Does anyone know of a Wordpress plugin or RSS thing that will auto-post a new blog to Mastodon? This is the third or fourth time I've forgotten to share a blog post here.

@aldersprig It ended up going in a completely different direction than I expected, which was fun.

And I already know what I'll be talking about the next time I blog about it. Which is always useful!

@jessmahler I thought you stopped blogging for some reason

@Canageek Ah, I mentioned that I stopped blogging about polyamory recently.

I blogged at Polyamory on Purpose for, like, 5 years, and completely burnt out. Took most of a year off from any blogging, at all.

This year I started a personal blog, keeping myself accountable for some life goals and sharing stuff about my books.

I still try to keep it some-what informational fow folks who are interested in learning more about the stuff I'm blogging about, but it isn't a pure advice/information blog

@Canageek And DEFINITELY not writing polyamory advice on the blog.

Not sure I'll ever be able to do that again, TBH. Save that for the books these days.

@jessmahler OH, that makes a lot of sense. I keep thinking i should start my RPG blog back up, but without the community that made me want to do it in the first place, hard to get back into it, even when I'm posting 90% of the same stuff on social media

@Canageek Sounds similar to what i was dealing with. Yeah, I still talk polyamory and answer questions about it on social media, but the blog just...

IMO, if you want to keep blogging picking a completely new direction after a break can be a real revitalizer.

@jessmahler No, I really like writing RPG stuff and setting ideas. I've got all these ideas in my head of games to run that I know I'll never get to and its a more stable way to write them down then just posting them to social media, but actually sitting down to do it is hard.

@Canageek Ah, gotcha.

Have you ever tried collecting your social media posts to turn them into blog posts? Not sure if it will be easier or harder than just writing a blog post, but might be worth trying?

@jessmahler I have, and I have a text file on my desktop with a five year old collection of posts to do that. It is more grad school steals a lot of my drive and mental energy, even when I'm not doing a lot of brain work....

@Canageek Grad school. *shudders* I couldn't get through under grad. Hats off to you.

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