Morning all. Slept late and moving slow. But is okay, nothing on my plate until this afternoon anyway.

How you doing today?

@jessmahler Doing okay so far. Feeling kind of slow to get moving, but it's not too bad. Excited to go to writing group because that seems to be the main place I make progress on editing these days, and I'd like to get some of that done.

@jessmahler Doing quite well and better than before Shabbos when things were very bad (transmisia and conversion related)... There are people with whom it's good to meet. And there are people who try to help and thus give some hope.

@jessmahler Yes. My situation is still dire but emotions are less bad.

@project1enigma I'm about to go out, but will be around later and tomorrow if you want to talk/need a shoulder.

@jessmahler thank you. hope going out is good. right now I'm ok and gotta sleep soon but if you're interested in what's going on, let's talk soon

@project1enigma Going out was rough, but that was expected. Was low spoons but had to get metamour for dr appt today. Lack of public transportation around here sucks.

How you doing this morning?

@project1enigma so let's try this again -- how's your *afternoon* going?

@jessmahler I'm tired and would prefer to be in bed but slowly starting work now (I work only afternoons)

@jessmahler and I'll also try to remember to hydrate because I'll mostly fast soon

@project1enigma Will you be fasting the full day? I'm gonna try to fast the Erev, but with my health issues don't feel safe trying for the full day.

@jessmahler I'll be ok with no food but I have a heter for drinking in shiurim. So let's see how the drinking thing works out.

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