One tiny bit of cider fell on my keyboard last night and now I dont have the letter between o and q, or the arrow making my cursor go the other direction from down (which also needs that letter), or quotes. Any advice other than take it to someone who can fix it for money?


Bottled water, or filtered water, especially reverse osmosis—AFTER it's disconnected, of course. Pure water doesn't damage electronics nearly as much or as quickly as people believe.

It's mostly time and further use while water's present that do the damage, so you'll want to set it in front of a fan for several hours, maybe a day. You can put a little saucer next to it, see when that dries out.

Don't use rice. Rice absorbs water it touches. You don't want to shove rice under the keys.


@thraeryn Not sure if I *can* disconnect the keyboard from my Lenovo T480. Not without tools (want to use adjectives but they all need the letter I have not got) -- tools for use by masters of the art of fixing. Should maybe take it to those masters after all.

@thraeryn Found something near-ish on the web which I remember being useful when it was still nearer (they were in the town centre and moved to a more industrial location). Will try calling them when they start their working day at 10.

@thraeryn I absolutely love my Lenovo keyboard, having to use an external keyboard would make it much more difficult to write. The main reason I bought this Lenovo *is* the keyboard.


You could always turn it off, then drench the keys in 90% isopropanol and do the fan thing. Far faster evaporation.

Or yeah, take it to some folks. You're spot-on in trying to do so quickly. Don't wait a week. 😬

@thraeryn The folks in question seem to think they can fix it, for money I can actually afford. Yay!

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