One tiny bit of cider fell on my keyboard last night and now I dont have the letter between o and q, or the arrow making my cursor go the other direction from down (which also needs that letter), or quotes. Any advice other than take it to someone who can fix it for money?


I do have enough money but it would be awkward to be without it for however long it takes to fix. Just now I am back from Worldcon and want to blog.

@irina I have a battery-powered Bluetooth keyboard I use in such circumstances. If your computer has a USB port, a USB keyboard might also be a good fallback.

@artsyhonker Yes, though any other keyboard than my trusty Lenovo keyboard messes with muscle memory. I'd rather copy the missing characters from a text file that I've set up especially for that, and write a blog post in a text editor and adjust with cut and paste.

@artsyhonker Yes, there's that. I do miss the up arrow because it keeps me from playing Metal Blob Solid, which I just rediscovered.

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