This morning's phone-in on the radio was about "should we combat internet trolling by requiring ID and real names to sign up to social media?".

That sounds like a great way to keep trans people off social media.

@ak It would keep a lot of cis people off social media too. (I'd *sign up* under my legal name, like I grumblingly did for Worldcon, if I had the *guarantee* that it wouldn't leak to any other users. As it was, I had to correct them THREE TIMES because they addressed me by a name I haven't used for more than thirty years except for officialcome, don't identify with, and nobody knows me by)

@irina What even is a "real name"? Is it the name they use, or the name on their passport?

Some people have more than one, depending on the situation. The right to be called what you wish to be called in any given situation is fundamental to our identity as individuals.


@ak For *me*, "real name" means the name I use. The name on my passport is my legal name. (It irks me when people use "real name" to mean "legal name", but most people clamoring for real names mean that).

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