For a long time I've resisted the idea of publishing Pinafore to an app store, but I'm starting to reconsider.

PWAs are great, but I worry they're low on discoverability. On iOS you have to dig into the settings to add it to the home screen, and I bet 99% of iOS users do not know that this feature even exists. Plus, push notifications do not work in iOS PWAs.

Even on Android, I wonder how many people tap the "house" button to add it to their home screen.

As a diehard web nerd I would love to believe that PWAs are "just as good" as native apps, but honestly for 99.9% of iOS/Android users, I'd bet that if it's not in the app store then it might as well not exist.

I'd love to see the stats on how many Mastodon users on mobile prefer 1) the default web interface, 2) a native app, or 3) an alternative web client like Pinafore or Halcyon. My money would be on #2.


Native apps need instance admin tools, but otherwise I agree

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