This is my first thanksgiving since giving up wheat. We're doing the stuffing with GF bread and trying to get a hold of GF french fried onions, but may have to fry our own onions for green bean casserole. I'm also gonna attempt macaroni pie again--still trying to up my game there.

Anybody else got fun plans?

@Annalee You anywhere near an Aldi? They usually have GF french fried onions (also, just really good GF labeling in general). They also have GF stuffing, but I've never tried it as I am vegetarian and it's either chicken or turkey flavor I think. I've gotten used to gluten free thanksgiving, but I still miss really good rolls :P It's been 8+(?) years for me now. I think my main course this year will be homemade baked mac and cheese. And I can usually eat most of the sides (best part anyways!).


@zaclittleberry sides are definitely the best part. I've been a vegetarian since I was nine and honestly does anyone know how to make turkey because all I hear is people complaining that it's hard.

@Annalee @zaclittleberry Speaking just for my family, I don’t think we find turkey *hard* exactly (within the range of nuisance of most large roasts), but we’re mostly so ambivalent on it as food that the effort stands out. Given that, your point about the sides is even more true than it would be otherwise.

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