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4000 things I don't want to do and I hardly know where to point my inattentiveness first.

A short #lgbtq comic about being #nonbinary and #trans. Names are all so great, i love all of them. #pride

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The Good Place is a good rewatching while not sleeping material. Holds up really well.

"I have what doctors call directional insanity." Chidi, The Good Place, describing my own affliction.

Ambien can't make you racist but it can make you fall asleep the next day, especially if your doc isn't aware that dosages are lower for women than for men. Be cautious when first taking it so you don't slam into a truck at 60mph fast asleep like I did.

Aaand I fixed it - user error. I put in something that wasn't my username, and it didn't complain, it just sent me into an account that had none of my stuff. That is not beer using user friendly, guys.

And it appears LightroomCC has lost all my images and albums. This... this is very not good. This is not catastrophic (I have backups - never trust the cloud, it's just someone else's computer) but it's very fucking annoying and is going to keep me from getting any art done tonight.

Now is the time on zoemchannel where we drink a tall can of 805 and wait for our apps to upload so we can make art while listening to Godspeed You Black Emperor!

The app update part of this was not scheduled and is unwelcome.

I just bought myself a 3DS for my birthday. I realized what I found unsatisfying about basically all IOS games is that they're IOS games - they're designed to be Very Online and payment driven. What I want from a game is very not that. What I want is a cartridge and a character I drive around to fight monsters and get treasures. I want a Game Boy but a 3DS will suffice.

I got Pokemon Ultra Sun at first and then immediately cancelled and got Pokemon Ultra Moon because I know where my heart is.

They're playing The Shins at Panera and I'm here for it, being middle aged.

I am at the rock and roll show.
I just learned of Marisa Anderson and boy am I glad I did.
If you like intense, layered guitar you might too.
See you after Gy!be.

I did this painting today from the sketch I did yesterday. It has the ocean in it, surprisingly

I feel like I can write again, and I've got a few WIPs that demand being picked up again, but I keep getting that perfect being the enemy of good feeling - not exactly the right mood, etc. I think I'll start something new... The only question is, what?

Something short, something breezy to write, something I can finish. Easy past right?

Anyone have a fave list of sci fi prompts? I could use one to get started...

On this blessed Goth Day, let us remember the OG of the shiny robo-goth look.

@zoem Imperceptibly slowly, the spiders light show dimmed to a pulsing gradient from silvery gray to silvery black, always reflective yet providing so little light somehow.

The music moved in time with the spiders, spinning down to the lowest of pitches, becoming a waveform more felt than heard.

The dancers reacted by slowing their swaying to stillness, merely bouncing I'm time to the faint beat.

Finally, a captive audience. The spiders began their work.

It has been a million years (6 months) since I’ve been up this late (2am). I used to be up this late all the time. It was a running joke in my writing slack.

Weird. Hello, witching hour. Good night. Good morning. All the things.

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