14k words on my story now, 28 pages. More than I've written on anything in ages. Keeping my 1-2k / day pace pretty well.

I broke 10k on my story. I seem to be settling in at around 1k a day, more some days. If I keep that up I'll have something novel-ish length in about a month, novel-ish legth with room for edits in a month and a half. That's very heartening.

I had a plotting chat w/ M today, which I very much needed. For me, writing is easy, plotting is hard, so I really needed that support & confidence boost. Yay M!

I have face avis for the first time in a long time. Ahhhhh it’s my face! Scary.

1100 more words on the unearthed story this afternoon. a little slack from the last 2 days but i might do more later.

I'm afraid to read when I've been on a writing streak, I just realized...

Wrote 2000 more words on the story I unearthed. It's moving right along into something of significant length.

Does anyone know why google docs is so stupid in its spell check vocabulary?

I managed to locate a story I started about 4 years ago, and started work on it again. I love this story - it's creepy and funny and weird, and I'm so happy I'm working on it again. I did about 1750 words on it today and I am absolutely delighted.

pride exhaustion; queer as in strange 

I don't mean to sound like I'm entitled to something - I don't want anything. I just feel more like an outsider than usual. More gangs I'm not a member of because I'll never be a member of any gang because I just don't fit any particular description.

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pride exhaustion; queer as in strange 

I'm exhausted by pride. I'm not queer in "traditional" ways. I'm bisexual but I've only had long-term mostly monogamous relationships with men; I'm maybe non-binary or gender fluid but that doesn't fit quite right either. I don't know what I am, but I'm queer. I'm odd. I'm different. I don't fit. And I don't fit under any of the flags, either. I'm not part of any cadre. And all this ganging up makes me tired. I'm glad for your happiness. I am. But I'm tired.


Meanwhile I reassure my partner that we will have fun on our Hawaii trip even if I can't walk at all, that I can sit with an umbrella drink and a book and he and the kid can have adventures and come back and tell me about them. I want to cry. I really don't want to be in this much pain. I want to have adventures too.

Huge breakthrough, I managed to put fingers to keys and write 500 words of flash. I know, it's like, NOTHING but it's huge for me, I haven't been able to write anything in months and I'm not even very displeased with it (except the ending which needs work, probably another 500 words worth, knowing me...) HOORAY.

big old opinion on queerness and nomenclature 

And stop being mean to ace people and having weird checklists for experiences people have to go through to "really" be trans.

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big old opinion on queerness and nomenclature 

If the current slapfights over who "counts" at pride are any indication, queerness as an umbrella term needs to be that, on its own. Stop fighting over who gets to be the next letter. The gatekeeping - and that's what it is at this point - is bullshit. It's not a clubhouse and you'd do well to remember *why* the letters were necessary in the first place, and where the strength that's needed *now* should come from.

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big old opinion on queerness and nomenclature 

LGBT, which became LGBTQ, which became LGBTQIA etc as more people were acknowledge under the umbrella of queerness, was necessary as an expression of alliance at first. It was necessary to articulate who was in that group as both an expression of solidarity and as a way to make the world acknowledge that, yes, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans people etc existed. That doesn't scale well, though, and it doesn't apply in the same way it used to. (cont'd)

mh advocacy 

Depression ignores wealth, success, fame, social status, accomplishments, family ties and self worth. It tells you all those things are worthless. No one is immune. Seek help if you need it. It’s not ungrateful. It’s a disease.

mh treatment 

My psych doc got back to me and we're going to try Ritalin before trying anything else. I seem to recall Adderall helped me in the past so it's worth a go at least. Down the hatch...

mh - 

If I'm not better tomorrow and haven't heard from my psych doc I'm going to go see the on call. It's bad enough. Hospitalization will be on the table I can't imagine how that can help me. I want big time physical intervention. I want transcranial magnetic stimulation. I want ect. I want ketamine. Give me the big guns, cos I am tired of dicking around.

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