14k words on my story now, 28 pages. More than I've written on anything in ages. Keeping my 1-2k / day pace pretty well.

I broke 10k on my story. I seem to be settling in at around 1k a day, more some days. If I keep that up I'll have something novel-ish length in about a month, novel-ish legth with room for edits in a month and a half. That's very heartening.

I had a plotting chat w/ M today, which I very much needed. For me, writing is easy, plotting is hard, so I really needed that support & confidence boost. Yay M!

I have face avis for the first time in a long time. Ahhhhh it’s my face! Scary.

1100 more words on the unearthed story this afternoon. a little slack from the last 2 days but i might do more later.

I'm afraid to read when I've been on a writing streak, I just realized...

Wrote 2000 more words on the story I unearthed. It's moving right along into something of significant length.

Does anyone know why google docs is so stupid in its spell check vocabulary?

I managed to locate a story I started about 4 years ago, and started work on it again. I love this story - it's creepy and funny and weird, and I'm so happy I'm working on it again. I did about 1750 words on it today and I am absolutely delighted.

pride exhaustion; queer as in strange 

pride exhaustion; queer as in strange 


Huge breakthrough, I managed to put fingers to keys and write 500 words of flash. I know, it's like, NOTHING but it's huge for me, I haven't been able to write anything in months and I'm not even very displeased with it (except the ending which needs work, probably another 500 words worth, knowing me...) HOORAY.

big old opinion on queerness and nomenclature 

big old opinion on queerness and nomenclature 

big old opinion on queerness and nomenclature 

mh advocacy 

mh treatment 

mh - 

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