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A quick review of "The Girl with all the Gifts" by M. R. Carey:

Now I just hope that most the audio books I'm going to listen to during the next 12 months will be even half as awesome as this one!

I’m surprised how much reading I get done lately simply by staying off Twitter, Instagram etc.

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I used to think that I needed more happy people in my life to balance out my depression, but I've come to realize what I actually need are more KIND people. Not just kind to me. I need to see more people being good to each other. I think we all do.

I'm pretty sure there are quite a few books in that list that I actually don't care about anymore...

I should perhaps finally find the time to look through it.

I wrote a little summary of what I've been reading in 2017:

In general, I finished far more books than I would have expected over the last 12 months. Still a lot of non-fiction and technical stuff, being my most-used (not favourite) platform in 2017 and more audio books and graphical novels in 2018 🧐

Started listening to “The girl with all the gifts” a couple of days ago. First full-length audiobook for me and so far I’m really enjoying it. I kind of still want to have the ebook along with the audio version, though…

Hi shop 🤗

I guess, now that I’ve also an account here I should introduce myself. I’m a fan from Austria who has probably far too many hobbies that all involve computers or books in some way or another 😬 I can also answer some software questions. Oh… and I really like my 🤭

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