I'm finally getting into the habit of carrying a water-bottle with me all the time again. All it took was me finding a replacement cap for my good old bottle 😍

Sorry, Shop! Haven’t been here in quite a while. How’s everyone doing? Any new awesome sci-fi to read or watch? 😂

Made good headway yesterday in in “Secrets and Lies”. Perhaps I will really finish it this week and can finally start reading something else again 😂

Currently blocked by Bruce Schneier's “Secrets and Lies” from anything else. At least I'm way past the half-time-flag, so I should be able to complete it this week and finally be able to read some again 😄

Don't get me wrong, though. “Secrets and Lies” is quite interesting and despite its age very relevant. It's just realllly long.

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#pdx, assault, eviction, 72 hours, emergency 

My landlord just tried to evict me, with a 72 hour notice, using his partner (my friend from the ISO) as the witness.

I refused to take the paperwork and backed away, he got loud and and lunged at me, I yelled "no stop" and tried to get back, knocked stuff off a shelf of his as I moved away fast.

I called my lawyer once I was safe.

Please boost, I need a place to stay.

#housing #emergency #brentwood-darlington


Watching right now … so far I’ve expected it to be far worse 😁

I still have to write a quick review about the excellent “We are legion (We are Bob)” 😢…🤔…🙃 I guess I just did 😅

If you are into , do yourself a favor and listen to this by Scott Hanselman where he Interviews Dann Curry about his work on visual effects for the various shows over the course of 18 years 😍


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"Would you like to connect your account to your Facebook account?"

This question has gone from annoying to actively damaging for any app's brand that asks. IMHO.

Already done with this month's assignment "An Unkindness of Ghosts" by Rivers Solomon: zerokspot.com/weblog/2018/03/0 😁

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Hi ! We are Terms of Service;Didn't Read (tosdr.org). "I have read and agreed to the Terms of Services" is the Internet's biggest lie. We aim to fix it.

We crowdsource ToS analysis's so everyone can participate in making the Internet more transparent!

We have a new submission tool, currently under development: Phoenix : edit.tosdr.org

Github: github.com/tosdr

Blog: blog.tosdr.org

IRC: #tosdr on Freenode



Only one more episode and I'm finally through with season two of . Quite a few great little twists in this season and entertaining as always! At last I'm finally making some progress on my to-watch list. Next will probably be , which I accidentally bought in .

Chloe: I'm going to tie a bell around your neck at some point.
Lucifer: Oh, that sounds like a fun bit of foreplay.

Lucifer is just such an entertaining show 😄

The time has come to find out how much 1000€ worth of has to offer 😁

There is now a HumbleBundle including tons of mangas 😃 Now I just have to find the time to also actually read them 😧 humblebundle.com/books/attack-

Hm... I still have to write a review of Madeleine L'Engle's "A wrinkle in time", now that I've finished the February assignment for 😯

Good thing that the Reader Q&A on Goodreads answers the very first question I've had about this month's book for the : Yes, it sounds like this can be read without knowing the other entries in the series :D


I guess I will probably need a sick-day tomorrow 🤧

Are you in any kind of ? For this year I'm trying to read every assignment by SwordAndLaser but it might be too large a club for me.

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