I’m considering emigrating my instances, is there a paid instance of hometown that centers queer folks?

Happy to pay up to $50/yr for a fediverse account that is working on cross medium connection (I.e events, stuff like that)

@zee you might find the directory of known hometown servers a good starting point to explore! github.com/hometown-fork/homet

@zee it’s obvs small so also boosted to hopefully get more eyes / thoughts

@christa right now I’m thinking weirder earth is the most likely instance for me…

@zee I am super-late to the party, but I love it here, esp. compared to w.s. highly recommend. @christa

@hafnia @christa The broader reading oriented features of hometown are hella appealing… I don’t know much about how to find and follow longer form stuff; but I miss Google reader…

@zee honestly I mostly love it for local only posting. It gives the timeline a very different feeling. @christa

@hafnia @christa for sure! The “this is for my neighbors not my followers or the broader Interwebs feels key.

@hafnia @zee +++++ local only posting is crucial! I love friend camp so much, and many of the reasons why I love it are because we can create our own community without it being visible to everyone. I wouldn't have the same connection to folks or the fediverse without it

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