The community-owned, affordable housing cooperative I'm an investor in is raising another $50MM in 2021.

Imagine what $50M in low-cost purchasing power for community-owned housing for East-Bay rooted BIPOC families looks like!

Hundreds of families, all housed securely in neighborhoods _they own_, building multi-generational wealth every time they make their monthly housing payment.

And that $50M? That's just the start.

The folks behind the EBPREC are smarter and more capable than 99.9% of the "Scalechasers" of SV. They're already working across state lines to put together community-owned, permanently affordable housing.f you are a 6-figure earning, California-living person with a stable job, consider putting up $1K in 2021.

Read the offering, ask me anything. I'm an investor-owner, and am happy to share what I can.

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