Every job has _core work_ and it also has _care work_. Core work can be done safely without much consideration. Care work requires consideration to be performed safely.

Sometimes work we think of as core work others need to be done as care work.

When teams distribute care work in a way that preserves or generates trust, they cultivate psychological safety.

This requires conscious, deliberate effort. It requires people to be well-resourced and well-equipped to navigate complexity, tension, and conflict.

There isn't a magic wand that can be waved to equip and resource folks for effective care work.

We can't merely hold the aspiration of a highly functional team and say, "do that!" We have to do the work to introspect what care work applied where _resonates_ with the team.

When I'm working with a team that feels hard; I take some time to ask:

1. What _human and non-human_ parts of the system are showing a lack of care?
2. What may be the missing care?
3. What resources or equipment does the team need to provide that care?

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