Ahoy! is considering offering a bi-weekly co-learning session where we focus on:

A) Front-end development (JS, CSS, Web Components)
B) Back-end development (Rails, SRE stuff)
C) Tech Writing + Documentation (Code docs, user guides, etc)

Which would you attend?

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(Boosts welcome!)

@zee disclosure: I voted both here and on Twitter and the difference between the two is fascinating to me, granted small samples

@christa I know, right? My tech followers on Mastodon seem to be primarily backend/infra/sre folks who want to learn frontend; and my followers on twitter are front-end devs who want to learn more backend it seems!

@zee I personally struggle with doing TDD on the front end "well" and have never felt it be super natural so am just curious to see others go about it! I also feel like I know of some good livecoding/webcasts but they're all.bavkend focused.

@christa Yea! I think front-end TDD is super hard; especially since it's so framework dependent.

I've been using deno to do TDD for POJOs but the actual interactive bits desperately wants as real-a-dom as possible.

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