One of our "learning goals" at is understanding how to perform low-cost product research; one technique of which is Conjoint Analysis; which is a nifty way to evaluate what hypothetical buying decisions a theoretical customer may (or may not) make.

We're doing one on the "Video Communication" industry at the moment as part of our research for , and I'd be stoked if folks could run through it in good faith, then critique it for us?

@zee I'm still unclear about simultaneous rooms. Like… I'm in more than one room at once for the same logical meeting? Or, anyway, the same logical meeting is in more than one room? Or is this a limit to the number of concurrent, unrelated meetings one organization can have?

Unrelated: Should I be in the mindframe of, like, if I were making a purchase decision for my job or similar?

@benhamill Excellent point. I think we could improve our framing!

Our intent is for "you're purchasing this service for a group that has shared interests, perhaps it's a team at work or a club that you meet with regularly or even your tabletop gaming friends"

@zee With that framing, I feel like that implies that the "simultaneous rooms" thing _is_ a limit on the number of concurrent, unrelated meetings?

@benhamill that is a reasonable interpretation that aligns with our intent.

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