August was a huge month for ! We:

1. Further refined our path to a 1.0 for
2. Tripled our video infrastructure capacity,
3. Began offering free, semi-public, high-touch tech skills education that grants the a pathway to ownership.
4. Prepared for an iOS 14 release!

You can read more of the details here:

| |

If you have excess $$$ to toss towards sustainable, maintainer-and-user-owned digital products and services; please consider sponsoring our OpenCollective:

If you have interest in applying your iOS, Rails, Linux, or JavaScript skills towards building a worker-and-user-owned technology future, reach out and share what you're best at and I'll help you get started as a contributor!

All of us together, doing a little bit, can change everything.


We don't have to be the product.

We don't have to contribute to income inequality.

We don't have to do the work we care about in our free time.

We don't have to allow our ideals of liberty and freedom to be twisted and subverted by corporate interests.

We can do something different.


Oh, I should add the following additional skill gaps we are currently feeling:

1. Technical writing.
2. Product marketing and Communications.
3. Web site management.

Even a few hours a month provides a huge benefit to the coop. We expect it to take ~8 hours over ~4 weeks to build enough context to begin contributing, so don't hesitate to ask questions (either here or via email;

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