It's not your fault you earn a hyper-inflated income any more than it's the fault of others they accrue no capital at all.

The question is simply, where do we go from here?

@emsenn we invest our comrades who have less to do what we can with our bounty

@zee I appreciate the intent of this answer, but I am concerned. Often when I see this attitude, it doesn't explicitly address the inequality that allows one person to "invest" in another. I am more keen to dismantle privilege than spread it around.

Which isn't to say that "investment" back in the community must preserve privilege; I just think it is important that such investments be centered around removing the ability, let alone the need, for such patronage in the first place.

@emsenn I agree. And also, if we don’t start redistributing wealth broadly enough so that more of the people who have been oppressed can operate from a position of safety, how will we know we’re restructuring the systems in a way that doesn’t perpetuate oppression?


@emsenn I don’t mean “invest” in the sense of a return on capital, I mean invest in the sense of “leftists” need to put our money where our mouths are and find and fund local programs led by the people who bear the majority of the Violence perpetuated by the system.

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