Is there a cooperatively owned eBook platform? Similar to ?

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@juno Hmm, maybe? I think the thing I want is to be able to contribute to ensure that the artists are able to continue creating. Purely having _access_ to the material is one thing; but ensuring the perpetual health of the ecosystem is as important.

@pettter I really dig Resonate! I do most of my listening on my phone and haven’t tried to figure out if resonate plays nicely there...

I did a thing with the founder a few years back, but I haven't used it much since, so I can't say unfortunately.

@pettter yea, I hang out in their Basecamp just watching stuff fly by.

Once I get better at Swift I’ll make an iOS player...

@zee I believe is a coop. Not really a platform so much as a shop.

@edebill I think a shop is a good start. Also, kinda bummed re: “ Membership in Book View Café is limited to authors who have been published by traditional, advance-and-royalty paying print publishers” :(.

@zee for me, that’s the promise that the authors have shown kind of a minimum level of competence and I won’t be doing the equivalent of trolling through amazon’s self-pub slush pile. There are good self-pub authors, but the percentages are even worse than for trad authors.

@edebill there are other ways to ensure quality without delegating gatekeeping to extractive industries.

@edebill It doesn’t feel like it is conforming to Rochdale principles 1 and 2 because membership is gatekept by a racist and sexist industry :(

@zee @Stoori does anyone know about any cooperatively run online used book store?

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