Is there a cooperatively owned eBook platform? Similar to ?

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@juno Hmm, maybe? I think the thing I want is to be able to contribute to ensure that the artists are able to continue creating. Purely having _access_ to the material is one thing; but ensuring the perpetual health of the ecosystem is as important.

@zee This is what I've been asking for three years already. Haven't seen any so far, so I guess nobody has done it yet.

@Stoori Do you know any authors who have digital distribution rights to work they’ve published who would be interested?

@zee Not at the moment. I haven't been so active on this question lately and haven't kept any list.

Anyway, all my writer contacts are from Finland, so if you end up doing this, make sure to take international operations as your starting point! :D

@pettter I really dig Resonate! I do most of my listening on my phone and haven’t tried to figure out if resonate plays nicely there...

I did a thing with the founder a few years back, but I haven't used it much since, so I can't say unfortunately.

@pettter yea, I hang out in their Basecamp just watching stuff fly by.

Once I get better at Swift I’ll make an iOS player...

@zee I believe is a coop. Not really a platform so much as a shop.

@edebill I think a shop is a good start. Also, kinda bummed re: “ Membership in Book View Café is limited to authors who have been published by traditional, advance-and-royalty paying print publishers” :(.

@zee for me, that’s the promise that the authors have shown kind of a minimum level of competence and I won’t be doing the equivalent of trolling through amazon’s self-pub slush pile. There are good self-pub authors, but the percentages are even worse than for trad authors.

@edebill there are other ways to ensure quality without delegating gatekeeping to extractive industries.

@edebill It doesn’t feel like it is conforming to Rochdale principles 1 and 2 because membership is gatekept by a racist and sexist industry :(

@zee @Stoori does anyone know about any cooperatively run online used book store?

@Asethb doesn't come anything to my mind at the moment


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