Imagine living in fear that on any given day, government agents could shoot you for any reason and face little to no repercussions.

Many don’t have to imagine it. It’s their reality.

When our actions aren’t enough to alleviate that reality and the fear it carries with it, we cannot respond by giving up or demanding approval.

Instead, we listen and learn to see the vision of a world without that fear.

And we hold that vision and take what actions we safely can to make that vision a reality.

To dismantle authoritarianism in the world, we first dismantle authoritarianism in ourselves.

To create liberty and justice for ourselves, we first create liberty and justice for everyone.

We can no longer pretend that the world is one where liberty and justice are broadly distributed.

But it can be, if we choose to work together for these ideals and if we refuse to accept the status quo.

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