OK OK OK OK OK OK OK I so want to do this:

Shithole Capital: Sponsors pay $X/mo, the value of X indicates the amount of weight that Sponsors message has on the leaderboard.

Money is shit. Capital is shit. You don't want to hold on to tons of shit do you? Well, flush it down the Shithole! You'll never see it back! BUT

Every dollar gets turned into fertilizer as 5-year low-interest or revenue-share loans with a 7 year jubilee clause where the loan is forgiven if it's not been fully repaid.


The "fertilizer" is distributed to members of under-funded communities who operate cooperatively owned organizations in chunks of $500 a pop, no questions asked; so long as you provide your bylaws/operating agreement and registration with the CA SoS.

Once the loan has been repaid; or they reach additional milestones; they qualify for a $5,000 loan. Once they go further; they qualify for a $50,000 loan, etc.

All loan repayments get rolled back into the fund.

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