Third production iOS app source code published and re-licensed under the -

If you have apps you're not working on any more, consider contributing them to .

We place them in the public domain, update them as time permits, and make sure contributions get vetted and merged.

We also plan to distribute revenue generated from the apps back to customers and contributors.

Our revenues are in the $300~$600/mo from distributing these apps on the app store; so not a massive pile of money but it's enough to cover non-labor operating expenses.

@zee I am curious about your model! Have you written about it somewhere public?

@csalzman I've mostly been trying to figure out if I can make it sustainable without doing aggressive marketing pushes; at some point I hope to get to have the actual details.

@csalzman Basically I've been (slowly) buying or entering revenue share deals with apps and services that are revenue-positive but unable to afford dev/design time, and using that to build a trickle of $$$ to a cooperative composed of core, contributing, and community members; with core members as equity owners of the LLC.

@zee oh, that is a neat idea! Please subscribe me to any future marketing pushes you do about this. I want to keep an eye on this.

@csalzman I really need to put a mailing list form on :X

@csalzman It is, and it's the one job our collective has no professional practitioners of :X.

@zee @django wow that sounds really awesome. Do you reach out to app devs that gave announced end of life? There are a few mastodon clients that have been abandoned that would be great to see have a new home.

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