Who's working on transactions in the fediverse? I keep seeing ACTUAL signs of people preparing to leave platforms like Patreon and the company getting ready to shake off lots of people.

If I had $30,000 a month to spend to hire people for talent, I would. And I'd spend it SOLELY on getting these foundational things going. We need:

- simpler ways to get money without relying on huge systems
- simple portability of one's identity
- flexible means of representing information that's friendly to a lot of tools for social interactions

@jalcine an express app that serves up a stripe One time payment page that runs on glitch should be an afternoon of prototyping.

The hard part is multiuser and subscription support


@jalcine Ultimately I don’t think the technology is the problem. I think social expectations around how “easy” means “I don’t have to interact at all” and how “software engineering” means some gatekeepy bullshit

@zee This is a big part of it. I'm still wondering how it can be simple to want to own some part of one's identity on their actual person (like if their phone or home computers had the things needed to prove that they can use X)

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