A latino owned, queer-friendly, majority-femme software company that builds education software for Montessori schools is hiring a full-time engineer, either on-site in Seattle or remote. ~2ish years experience either in Rails or React preferred.

They're very synchronous and face-to-face pairing/discussion oriented but work well with introverts such as myself.

Boosts appreciated. HMU if you want an intro or go to

@zee this sounds like an amazing opportunity. I don't know Ruby/Rails particularly well, and don't care to move to Seattle, but I would otherwise love to apply - working empathetically to improve a classroom experience for students is definitely something I care about.

@maenad Rails is by no means necessary, so long as you're comfortable with at least one server-side web-application development framework.

@DialMforMara They're a 9 person company so a dedicated tech writer would is probably a couple hires out.

@zee Oh damn that looks cool. Unfortunately pretty much all my experience is Java and a little Python, so I don't think I'd be a good fit, but I'll definitely keep a eye on this company.

@zee Good to know! I'll try to throw in an application then. Thanks :)

@zee I would love to work with them but can't do full time and would be poor fit for this position. Maybe someday.

@feonixrift What makes you think you'd be a poor fit? I may be able to clarify things if you want!

self-promo / constraints 

self-promo / constraints 

re: self-promo / constraints 

LBT: what a great opportunity! Sadly, I only have ~3 months of Ruby/Rails since that's the new language/framework they've been making me use at work (I was hired as a Scala dev!). Also, front-end stuff is scary.

I hope they find someone excellent for the position! At least I still have a job, so hopefully this will go to someone who needs employment more than I do.

@stelepami Well, the ruby-on-rails isn't as mandatory as the 2ish years of coding experience. Front end is definitely scary tho :). Thankfully the current team is pretty good at that and good at helping people navigate new and confusing things!

@zee hmmmm. *intrigued* Gotta ask about work/life balance. I would happily earn less than I do now if I didn't ever have to work 50-70-hour weeks.

@zee I'm currently in crunch time at my job and sick of 14+ hour days and ~4 hours of sleep per night…

@stelepami It's a profitable, bootstrapped company with monthly recurring revenue across 1000 clients. There are definitely goals to accomplish, but it's not tied to quarterly reviews or SomeBigClient Wants X done by Y.

Most people work ~40 hour weeks; if there is an outage and people have to cover it, they're expected to take time off.

They're trying to be a lifestyle-first business; while still keeping the work engaging.

@zee Sounds appealing!

I'd love to learn more… but right now I have to get back to work but will take some time this weekend to work on my resume and research the company.


@stelepami No need for a resume! Just email the email address on the job post and say you found it through Zee.

The "big ask" at the org is they're very collaborative, so pair-programming is the norm and working directly with the customer support team is a must.

The codebase has grown quickly because the surface area of the domain is wide. There's lots to learn and some of the choices made prioritized moving on to the next thing over buttoning things up completely.

@zee it's been a long time since I paired regularly; I tend to get flustered when driving because of performance anxiety, but with people I trust (like my team at the job that laid me off May 2018) it gets easier.

I will hit them up this weekend/early next week!

@zee emotional intelligence and emotional vulnerability are valued‽

*pulls out my soapbox to sing the praises of Brené Brown (power of vulnerability) and Kristin Neff (benefits of self-compassion)*

@stelepami That said, if when you do email, you could let us know what kind of programming problems you prefer solving, how you like to test your work does what it's supposed to, and/or what behaviors you appreciate in your co-workers that would help give the other devs a bit of context!

(Unless you really wanna work the resume thing :D :D :D)

Hope your crunch time ends soon <3

@zee Is it a co-op with Democratic decision process?

@kropot They have cooperative decision making processes, but are not a formal cooperative. They're more like a cooperative-monarchy, with the single owner delegating most of the authority/responsibility to the org.

It takes a bit more work to navigate the authority/responsibility stuff than a traditional coop because of the sole-owner thing, but they are doing it reasonably well.

@zee I would like to know more! I have some experience with React and Rails - in fact I'm presently working on a portfolio project to develop those skills further.

Can you tell me more about how they work with you as an introvert? I've done pair programming before; it's not my favorite style.

@DawnPaladin Sure, we do pairing 3~6 hours a day, 3 days a week.

I _really strongly prefer_ pairing; but the way that I tend to pair is a bit less "go go go" than most people who pair.

I also take a 2 hour break for lunch to recharge which helps quite a bit.

@zee That doesn't sound too bad. Alternating between paired and solo work would keep my "social" bar from getting too full or too empty.

Would you introduce me to whoever's doing the hiring?

@DawnPaladin There are application instructions on the link, it's a pretty small company and we want to make sure we're going through the same funnel for everyone.

@zee OK, I'll file an application. Thanks for the insider look!

@DawnPaladin Happy to answer any other questions! It's literally a ~1.5 person dev team, with the lead dev, the CEO and myself as the main code contributors.

@zee Just filed the application! Thanks for posting about this - Transparent Classroom looks like a fantastic workplace.

@zee why do you mention all this information right here in this post except for the wage? will whoever takes this position be paid more than, equal to, or less than what their labour earns in income for the CEO? why would you advertise that a company is latinx-owned if the owner is just one person with no democratic accountability whatsoever, who profits by underpaying their workers? will the CEO pay latinx femmes a wage equal to their labour's value?

@zee is it good that the implicitly male CEO is profiting by paying the majority femme workers less than what they earn for him? do you think employers, in general, profit or lose money from heteronormalisation, binary gender, sexism, and racism? historically, does bigotry help or hinder worker cooperation and unionisation; does it raise or lower waiges? how do you think your CEO would respond to Transparent being taken over by the staff democratically?


If you would like to know more, I'm happy to keep talking; but I think it's important to remember there is no ethical production under capitalism; and the best we can do is work to move the socio-economic systems we are participating in to a more equitable and just distribution of resources.

You know, until the guillotines.

@twome The wage will vary depending on experience; so there's no way for me to say anything beyond a range from 85K~$168k depending on seniority.

What the CEO earns is public information within the company, as is the balance sheet and P&L. The organization self-manages; and wages are set by the team based upon the budget (which is also set by the team).

Re: democratic accountability - While true from a legal perspective, it's a bit less true from a socio-economic perspective. (More coming)

@twome Wages less than profits - At this time, the business operates with reasonable-but-not-ludicrous operating runway (months, not quarters) in the bank. There is a clear profit-sharing based bonus program which brings the annual margin down to ~5% of revenues.

As a result, slightly more money is kept in the business than is generated by the workers, but as revenues increased wages have also increased.

(I, for one, am in favor of abolishing wages entirely and moving to profit sharing)

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