#StarLink #GameReview 

Played this weekend on my . Following is a short

* Art - Visually it works quite neatly. The TF2/Fortnite style is starting to feel overdone to me, but it blended nicely with /#Nintendo's aesthetic.
* Puzzles - Once you've solved a type of puzzle once, the variations on it are trivial.
* Music & Sound - Pleasant, captures the mood of the moment.
* Story - Very bland, "good vs evil" story that unfolds predictably (so far)

#StarLink #GameReview 

* Controls - Controls across the board are very nice and responsive. I do wish instead of using the d-pad to switch mission focus, I could swap my loadouts.

* Combat - The mechanics feel solid, with a rewarding power curve. The variable difficulties lets you tune it to the challenge you prefer. Sadly, it get's repetitive in the same way that the puzzles do, purely due to a lack of variety.

Overall, 4 out of 5. Above average, not perfect.

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