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If you are trying to learn how to improve your programming, testing, or design skills, ask me for a pairing session!

We'll pick one of the open issues on a project and work through it together!

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It's been a while, I suppose I should update my .

I am all in on the economy; and have established two coops (with different purposes) in the last two years; and .

I contribute to and projects as a complement to and .

Follow for stream-of-thought reviews of the games I play, reading I do, and shows and movies I watch.

Check for my project updates, writing, art, code, etc.

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A business that:

A) Extracts wealth through anti-consumer behaviors
B) Hurts workers through unsustainable work conditions
C) Poisons the market through anti-competitive behaviors

Is a failure, regardless of profits or wealth.

Which has hurt you the most?

software dev industry, unions 

Also, released 0.87.1.rc1, which pulls in the upstream changes and purely reskins it slightly.

So far the upstream merges have been pretty painless!

Got some good casual coding done on this weekend. Mostly moving things a bit closer to the goal of programmatic control of the products and services being sold across payment processors.

The story for processing inbound events from payment processors could always use more work, but gettin that "first run, 5m to selling on Stripe + Apple" nice and tight will be key to adoption, IMO.


What this means more practically is I am _casually_ looking for 8~12 hours a week of tech-lead work at an established company that's looking to build their existing talent into technical, product and organizational leaders.

I have 2~3 leads lined up already; but in consulting, nothing is closed until the money is in the bank :).

Planning to shift my time in Q3/Q4 in 2020 to more revenue-generating activities and less organizational development activities.

I think is in a good place, which means I get to focus on building the features the product and design team prioritizes.

Now it's just a matter of execution and (hopefully) onboarding new contributors as they decide to take an interest in building a complementary ecosystem of cooperatively owned and operated digital products and services.

I've always thought it was funny at how white folks who who just discover this account always DEMAND EVIDENCE OF RACISM that I and the lovely folks on our instance have documented thoroughly over the years but rarely have those same demands of people that accuse me of homophobia, transphobia, islamaphobia, etc etc.

It's not funny b/c it's one of the most persistent forms of racism on the fedi, but it is funny because people think they are being OBJECTIVE.

Ha, but we aren't supposed to notice.

MH/Job shit (-) 

MH/Job shit (-) 

Hey fediverse. Been away a bit, finishing up my move and getting into the swing of things with the new house.

It's a really lovely move, ngl.

White people will make their own spaces unfriendly for someone like me and tell me to fucking deal with it

but as soon as someone with my skin tone makes a space for themselves and safe for me to be in, they get MAD

and it's funny every time

The only people PV alienates are bigots.

It is not our fault most of your faves fall into that category.

We are not here to absolve people of their bigotry for some fake ass kumbaya bullshit.

We've given the fedi multiple opportunities to prove its rhetoric about diversity, much of at our own expense.

And the fedi has proven consistently it is not the benefit of the doubt it constantly demands.

The long history of how the fedi has treated Black folks says it all.

Agh I should clarify it’s a fintech company that must have all staff within the US :/

A client of mine is hiring ~5 remote positions; all of which require 4+ years of production experience across the following specialities:

- Rails
- Security
- Frontend
- DevOps

The team is all very sweet, and ethnically and gender diverse. HMU via DM if you want links!

Boosts welcome!

attention black and brown #WebDevelopers

DM me your name, pronouns, and work URL

a Philadelphia based agency is looking for a remote UI/JavaScript developer

#WebDevelopment #WebDesign #UI #UX #UiUx

Just a reminder that the US is celebrating "independence" today while still holding Puerto Rico, the (US) Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands as colonies.

i don’t mean for this to sound overly harsh but i’ve lost faith in the fediverse. i think it’s easier to perpetrate harassment here than to prevent it, and so by the law of averages the fediverse will never become a safe place

if something better exists out there i don’t know of it. it’s certainly not the commercialized platforms — those are uniformly garbage

i don’t have specific plans to leave the fediverse. but there was a lot i wanted to do here, and those plans are now mostly on-ice

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