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It's been a while, I suppose I should update my .

I am all in on the economy; and have established two coops (with different purposes) in the last two years; and .

I contribute to and projects as a complement to and .

Follow for stream-of-thought reviews of the games I play, reading I do, and shows and movies I watch.

Check for my project updates, writing, art, code, etc.

Happy to pay up to $50/yr for a fediverse account that is working on cross medium connection (I.e events, stuff like that)

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I’m considering emigrating my instances, is there a paid instance of hometown that centers queer folks?

US Class system, income distribution 

US millionaire #CEOs say a 29% increase in compensation during the pandemic, while workers suffered a 2% decline overall.

This weekend I:

- Installed Big Sur
- Opened negotiations with housemate re: Rent Reduction
- Vacuumed all the things

Time for my nap.

I’m planning to hang out at Dolores around 5:30 to 8ish reading and such if anyone wants to join (masks and social distancing required)

I'm thinking about planting an indoor herb garden, since my office has a south facing window...

Thinking Basil, Sage, Thyme, Cilantro, Microgreens, Arugula?

COVID (+++) 

Shot #2 is in the arm. US (finally!) backs waiving patents. Maybe this won’t be the thing that wipes us out.

“Hunker down, Masks up, thats the way we like to… ???”

Need something genuinely creative here; and my vocab is failing me.

not sure I feel that great about all these open source projects becoming VC-funded enterprises. There's going to be so many bodies on the roadside in a couple of years once that seed funding starts running out. :s

Just living out that masc fantasy of having something in my life who actually wants to be close to me and finds my proximity comforting.

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I had a dream I had a small pet who snuggled up with me and now I woke up and have no pet :/

Made some good progress on today:

- Resolved a deprecation warning:
- Improved the layout slightly:
- Made feature flagging a bit easier to futz with:
- More progress on the way we connect with external services like Stripe/Jitsi/etc.

I’ve been out of the “meet cuties” game for ~4 years; what are the most welcoming online apps/local communities for queer, ethically non monogamous dating?

Not looking for hookup apps, like long term dating but understands consent and non-normative lifestyles?

Local == BART distance from SF

I’m thinking about binge gaming this weekend to chill the duck out but I don’t know if I can enjoy a toxic masculinity themed video game :/

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Is Witcher 3 actually good or is it just man pain plus hyper masculinity with randy graphics?

(I meant to say fancy but I’m gonna leave the typo).

for context, I spent a long time last year into how these work, how to form one, etc. I even have an LLC ready to go. I just need people, $, and a plan for how to turn those into more $ for those people (aka, a product or service).

Let's actually do this!

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