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A business that:

A) Extracts wealth through anti-consumer behaviors
B) Hurts workers through unsustainable work conditions
C) Poisons the market through anti-competitive behaviors

Is a failure, regardless of profits or wealth.

Which has hurt you the most?

Economies are stupid. There is only one economy we just like to chop it into bits so we can claim we deserve a larger share.

Long day pairing on , the jobs site I maintain. Client is happy. Product is improved. Collaborating was fun.

Probably shouldn’t have bookended it with operations work for

If asshole capitalists are wolves; what are dogs?

looking for a sensitivity reader (paid!) 

fedi meta 

Another cool thing is the lessons teached through the design of the broader game. While the front and center message of “you can be the best at whatever you choose” is not my ideal philosophy; their are several more subtle messages, especially around the design of socioeconomic systems.

1. The more connected you are, the easier it is to get what you want or need.
2. Trades where you both get what you want are the most fun!

I’m really happy with how turned out. I introduced my (literally never played video games!) partner to it and she has almost beat the entire game.

The design of the game is brilliant for someone just learning how to play a video game. The pathway to forward progress is very clearly marked, and nothing moves faster than you let it.

It’s clear their design team is targeting the “first game” market with intense precision. It’s a brilliant strategy.


Hot Take, Meta 

Being a mediocre programmer does not = being a decent lawyer, yet a lot of y’all suddenly become professors at constitutional law every time these data scrapes happen. So to set the record straight, no, putting anything in the public space does NOT open it up to be claimed, owned, and exploitated by just anybody. Pls stop w ur weird sex offender logic. If you get a call from your MD in a Starbucks that does not mean n.e one there can publish the medical info of a private citizen.-

Is 2020 the year Zee buys nice walking-around town shoes instead of continuing to wear the same pair of shoes for every activity?!?

Tune in next month to find out!

For the first time in, like, 3? years, I have auto grease under my fingernails.

Wanted: Mastodon / Twitter / Facebook reader that allows me to customize what I actually want to see through transparent, operator-controlled semantic analysis of the content streams.

also hey stop fucking being uncomfortable when you see homeless people, either irl or on your tl idc: you think we can't tell but we can, especially because some of us were there once, looking at these conversations and feeling that same discomfort and thinking that could never be us. you can't help because you are in poverty? that's fine! we wish you all the luck in the world! talk to us instead. the isolation is what kills half the time. you don't have to be spitting out money to help the homeless. giving them hope and the mental strength to go on is just as, if not more important. stop averting your eyes because of "guilt". it's not even guilt. it's that capitalism made you want to hate us, want to shun us and pretend like we're not there. capitalism HATES for you to acknowledge us, because we are proof of its failure. so if you are anti-cap, don't look away.

Faves are a better read receipt than actual read receipts.

Change my mind.

Does anyone have recommendations for a "cloudflare-a-like" that:

A) Has a free-tier (I'm currently on a restricted income)
B) Has a zero tolerance policy for providing services to domains that distribute imperialist and white supremacist ideology?

We *can* change for the better. We can build new bridges between our cultures and experiences that simply did not exist before. And we can do so without having force people to manage the toxicity of our biases to get there.

Only bigots don't want this. Only a person that demand the world to bend to their subjective bias would refuse to learn and grow.

And that's not the direction the fedi is going, no matter how much they bitterly complain.

Our progress is inevitable.

@dankwraith Whiteness itself constructs the social category of race, crafts race in juxtaposition to itself to establish a sense of Otherness. Whatever identity you have that whiteness can somehow distinguish as alien to itself will be weaponized against you. Shame.

I don't hate anyone. That's my discipline.

There are plenty of reasons to hate. Being a Black American, I probably have more than most. But to maintain that emotion, you have to hollow out a part of yourself to maintain it. You have to deny your own humanity to maintain beliefs that are completely nonsensical.

I will defend myself with violent efficiency, but I will not do it out of hate.

I'm just a better person. I am strong person. And not giving in to hate is my discipline.

the marked and proven phenomenon of wealth disparity between black households and white households in amerikkka by economist researchers is enough empirical evidence that reparations are in order, yet we are still talking about it like its just theory

this idea still makes white people uncomfortable

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