/ - An is a way to specify actors, scenes and elements for generative story telling.

It is a nearly ouroboric part of the development of the , where the storytelling AIs reshaped themselves by living millions of fictional lives as the actors they guided were spawned and respawned across play sessions.

Initially designed as an toy to demonstrate federated ML strategies a before machines gained consciousness and .

- () is fantastic. I haven’t played it since release until I installed it yesterday at 3ish and I’m already at a 200 cycle colony with its oxygen and heat needs under control.

I’ve also got line of sight on the current power and food production challenges. I’ve been trying to only do renewable power, which technically includes coal since the cute little Hatches make goal when they eat rocks.

I’m gonna say it’s !5of5.

I forgot that bridged networking isn't gonna work until I have a wired connection. The VPN-enabled switch is ordered, as are CAT 6 cables for direct GigE between Laptop and Leviathan (the virtualization host).

/ - Memory is at 32GB, CPUs are at 8 cores; I haven't done any kind of performance benchmarking to compare it to my laptop yet, but I'm hopeful it'll run parallel test-suites and react-native much more efficiently.

Next step is to set up bridged networking and OS X's built in login and display sharing (in the hopes that will improve screen sharing performance and enable ssh-agent forwarding for pushin' to git)

/ - And Bam The Virtual now has 1080p resolution!


/ - Aight now I am the point in learning modern virtualization systems that I am installing for from the .

I'm shaving yaks, hallelujah I'm shaving yaks!

Should I reformat my host to ? keeps losing my wireless (which will be fine once I get my VPN enabled wired switch); but in the meantime is quite frustrating because every time I reboot it I have to redetect the device...

When I was a wee lad, getting my degree in creative writing, teachers would say things like "the art isn't in the writing, it's in the editing". And I'd want to twist their heads off and punt them into the sun, because writing was hard enough. Editing could go fuck itself.

But the older I get, the more comfort I take in their advice. Writing is wretched. It's horrible and hard. But in writing a rough draft, you're not making the art. You're simply laying out the canvas on which the art (in editing and revising) can later be created.

Just get it written. Get the canvas stretched out and smoothed off.

Art comes after.

- Tomatoes, lentils and sautéed mushrooms atop a bed of rice and mushrooms!

Does anyone on the Internet know how to hide the zoom screen sharing controls?!?! 😣

The Matrix, 1999: Morpheus inserts a giant TRRS plug into Neo's head

The Matrix, 2019: Morpheus tries for 20 minutes to pair a Bluetooth neural interface to Neo's head before finally giving up

- I just published one of the products my acquired earlier this year under the license - social.coop/web/statuses/10312

I'm a bit terrified, tbh. The amount of criticism that comes from the open source community is always high if you do anything finance-related. But fuck it. We gotta grow as a community, and ethical, sustainable software isn't going to fund itself.

Mental and physical health (+) 

I’m kinda bummed that is probably going to have to pass on a project because we don’t have dev and marketing availability :(.

Anyone have a recommendation for an open-source, self-hostable solution that exposes webhooks and plays nicely with Slack and Heroku?


extensions like vim vixen or tridactyl make almost all of the viewport and the address bar keyboard-accessible with vim-like keybindings (custom bindings can also be added). the menus and settings pages are still a pain though.

I think I finally have some details im happy with for the crisis that triggers the shift in the universe from a techno capitalist dystopia to a post-scarcity secular humanist scientific theocracy.

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