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After ~3 months, the experiment to convert my old consulting S-Corp into a self-directed producer/worker/consumer software is entering the final stage of the inception phase.

I don't know that we'll stick the landing, but it feels like we're getting closer to something that will provide a sustainable for producer and worker members.

Finance, Governance, and Product rundown for June here:

If you say you support LGBT folks but all your events are centered around gay men doing drag, might be a bit ciscentric and misogynist

- Kicked off early from work and now I’m playing and high as duck

9. Our greatest obstacles are complacency _and fear_. The current power dynamics play on both of these, rewarding complacency with promotions and better financial security, and ensuring that folks with less personal socio-economic power are afraid to participate in collective action due to the constant existential threat of our absurd cost of living.

10. Have hope. Take what actions you can without fear. And reach out to those around you because we are stronger together.

7. The "State of the art" (in my opinion) for how this works will need to draw from the legal structures around cooperative ownership of _other_ community assets. The most common form of this is housing cooperatives. The one I modeled over is the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative, or (

8. We must also seek to establish a Digital Workers to project political and economic influence beyond our individual selfs.

5. The way _through this_ is not by recreating the same structures we had before with some tweaks, but by taking an aggressive, porto-revolutionary stance of collective ownership. I believe this is best perfumed through the model, as outlined in the Rochdale principles (

6. Further, I believe the ideal structure for the next "movement" is not a non-profit foundation, but a collection of Rochdale with both _user_ and _contributor_ ownership.

3. , and other prominent actors who violate the spirit of efforts to make more accessible to more folks while (ostensibly) maintaining the *letter* have further shifted from the alleged founding ideals of personal liberty into an exclusive techno-authoritarian fashion club.

4. As a result, the vast majority of wealth created through OSS has been captured not by contributors or users but by _investors_ through the 2000 and present Tech bubbles.

Some thoughts on :

1. The granting of unlimited usage rights regardless of usage purpose inherently enables existing power structures. Those who would leverage or abuse power to acquire more power are _delighted_ to benefit from folks delight in the act of creative and productive expression through software. Any license that _does not_ take into account power dynamics is one that _enables and supports_ them.

2. "Free as in beer" entrenched OSS as for financially secure folks

Thoughts on software freedom:

1. the freedom to collaborate in community without feeling excluded for who you are
2. the freedom to define what ethical use of your work looks like
3. the freedom to be compensated for your hard work
4. the freedom to enjoy #3 even without code

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The fiduciary duty of any organization's board is to protect the organization and ensure its future sustainability.

If you want to see change and you choose to withdraw support from the FSF because of RMS' role there, the board needs to know that.

question for tech/union fedi:

does anybody know if recent tech unionizing attempts (kickstarter, npm, etc) have worked with existing labor orgs/what orgs those are? i'm curious how much external support these groups had or if they were mostly homegrown organization efforts

The controls feel good, and it’s satisfying as hell to pull off combos but omg it moves so fast. Is there’s a “slow old person mode?”

- Picked up , so far then combat is absolutely impossible for me. I’m basically flailing my way through because I cannot time my dodges for shit.

I wrote about how we, F/LOSS lovers, need to drop toxic 'heroes' and need to either reform or move on from organizations that WON'T help

Would you replace your existing internet provider with a community-based ISP, assuming that you'd (at the very least) keep the same speed? If so/not, why?


The depressing thing with plastic waste is that we had the infrastructure to re-use packaging in every way, and we demolished it. From the milk-man who took the empty bottles back to returnable beverage bottles, and people taking their own packaging to the grocer to put foodstuffs in, be it cheese, olives, beans or whatever.

Now we have to build the infrastructure and the mindset again. Before it's too late.

#environment #plastic #waste #plasticwaste

Marginalized folks, esp. PoC:

When it comes to FOSS, do you feel like the ideals of "software freedom" espoused by either the FSF or the OSI have your interests in mind? What do you believe an inclusive software movement looks like? Does it even involve opening source code?

- just patched so you can use a honey trap on your inbox to flag messages as spam.

May build out a feature to filter them entirely at some point.

developers having powerful development hardware is actively harmful to usable software existing

there is literally an order of magnitude of power difference between the machines many developers use to create their software and the machines that their users will have - and that's assuming the users have brand new (but average) hardware

today's developers write software pretending that there will always be infinite resources, because the computers we have *let* them do that without consequences

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