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If youΒ are trying to learn how to improve your programming, testing, or design skills, ask me for a pairing session!

We'll pick one of the open issues on a project and work through it together!

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It's been a while, I suppose I should update my .

I am all in on the economy; and have established two coops (with different purposes) in the last two years; and .

I contribute to and projects as a complement to and .

Follow for stream-of-thought reviews of the games I play, reading I do, and shows and movies I watch.

Check for my project updates, writing, art, code, etc.

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A business that:

A) Extracts wealth through anti-consumer behaviors
B) Hurts workers through unsustainable work conditions
C) Poisons the market through anti-competitive behaviors

Is a failure, regardless of profits or wealth.

Which has hurt you the most?


I struggle with line and pressure control, so tracing helps me develop the hand-eye coordination and muscle memory without conflating that practice with eye training.

Trace of from /

Anyone know of a tool that steps backwards in time through a git repository and outputs frequency-and-size-of-change on a commit-by-commit basis; then aggregates them?

This makes tactical disagreements around how to cause systemic change mostly meaningless.

So what do we do?

So we ask ourselves, Do we _consent_ to these people capturing and/or directing a larger chunk of our shared resources?

And if not, what tactics may we employ to withdraw our consent?

The fewer the tactics available to employ, the less just the system.

As you can imagine, the tactics available are distributed unequally across socioeconomic striations.

Further, the tactics available within each striation are demonized across (and often within!) striations.

This comes back to the question of reduction of benefit vs cost. Someone who captures > ~1/7,500,000,000,000 of the wealth created in a given time period is capturing a larger share of the benefit.

Perhaps this is warranted, as they have skills or achievements above the median.

Or perhaps it is circumstantial. They happen to exist in a striation that has a greater ability to capture and direct resources.

Or rather, at the reduction of benefit. Conflation of cost with reduction of benefit is ... a pervasive error.

Anyway, to mitigate self-destructive behavior; facilitate connection.

Genuine connection comes from consent.

Consent cannot exist in a coercive system.

So we must work to dismantle coercion within the system.

But wait! How do you dismantle coercive systems consensually?

The function of an organic system is to continue to exist.

Organic systems engage in self-destructive behaviors when they cannot sense how they or the world is impacted by their actions.

Socioeconomic striations exacerbate senselessness, thus encouraging self-destruction.

Mobility between striations brings sensitivity, reducing self-destruction.

Such mobility comes at the cost of those parts of the system which benefit most from the self-destructive actions.

Anyone know of a public domain dictionary that allows use in apps?

Healthy growth comes not through chasing top-line receipts or bottom-line profits; but by building up workers and customers.

This is soo cool! An accessible web comic format with different reading modes!

I spent 2 hours accidentally locked in my bedroom. AMA.

I _may_ have tricked my SO into learning CSS and XML by updating the program I wrote to facilitate improvisation in our sessions to pull in arbitrary XML to add creatures and plants to the game.

They're now hard at work compiling a Creature Compendium from their characters past adventures on a Glitch static site that will get injected into the world as they explore.

Let's not pretend that our trade will have a greater impact on quality of life than say, plumbing.

Don't believe me?

Go without plumbing for a week.

Programming is a Trade. Not a Craft. Not Art. And definitely not a Science.

We trade of our time, attention, and expertise to get our needs met and achieve our aspirations.

It's OK to enjoy programming. It's even OK to be passionate about it!

But we must not pretend that enthusiasm for our trade is mandatory to participate in it.

two ways to decolonize:

question everything

build community

As Fes tends to Earls wounds, Ben sets up camp.

Daw demands Thel to sit down and teaches him a Druidic spell: "Darra Nay, Tarra Shen"

This allows him to briefly see the dark magic that is infecting the Fondeloon forest and where it is flowing from.

Daw hopes that Thel will use this spell to find the source of the corruption instead of picking fights with the creatures under the dark druid influence.

Daw caught up to Thel, and used their Druidic magic to calm the two Bedarer.

Felt scared away the Ablegrik.

Thel put some distance between himself and the Dabblingwakka.

The Kal-Dar, Earl, burst out of the bush; and used a knife from their boot to bring down the Dabblinwakka.

Daw, in tears, rushes to the Dabblinwakkas side and heals it by placing it in a deep sleep.

Thel and the Kal-Dar headed north in the afternoon. Thel heard the sound of a creek, and broke off from the group with Felt, his familiar. Upon arriving, they encountered an Ablegrik which had cornered a Burmut.

Thel attempted to rescue the Burmut, while shouting to the Kal-Dar and Daw.

The shout attracked a Dabblinwakka and a couple Bedarer.

Thel could tell something was wrong with the creatures, as they seemed more aggressive than usual.

Thel Felt held their ground.

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