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For those of you who have enjoyed my posts and want to hang out and play some games, I'm starting a discord for compassionate, friendly gamers for coordinating play sessions. DM if you want an invite <3 (Feel free to boost as well)

It's been a long few months Shop, but overall I'm pretty enthusiastic about 2019.

Long weekend. Didn't get all the things done I wanted to :(.

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It's been a long couple weeks. I'm glad to be wrapped up and just chilling in the living room with my co-founders and housemates.

Everything any relative told me was "just a phase" when I was a kid is still awesome in my 30s

Don't let old people lie to you

It's been a huge week (and it's only tuesday!) but I'm super excited for our livestream that we'll be kicking off at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT!

You can join us and chat live here -

Shout out to @jalcine for saving my bacon today with some Vue/Rails magic.

Recommendations for an SSL/DNS/Latency/Uptime monitor that hits domains from a variety of locales?

Ideally with a "hobbyist" or "Small business" price point?

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Is there alternative web-mastodon clients? I like as a community and host; but the built in mastodon web client is... awkward at best.

Like, I can't quickly see my mentions or direct messages? It's all stuck in "Notifications?"

And if I start a reply to a message, it isn't inside of the thread I'm replying too, it's in this column on the far left.

It's the weekend! Time to!

Uhh... <checks notes>

Review my finances? Make sure my TODOs for the weekend are in order? Go for a "run?"


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Who in the fediverse is an active leader/officer of a union?

(Boosts appreciated!)

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