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It's been a while, I suppose I should update my .

I am all in on the economy; and have established two coops (with different purposes) in the last two years; and .

I contribute to and projects as a complement to and .

Follow for stream-of-thought reviews of the games I play, reading I do, and shows and movies I watch.

Check for my project updates, writing, art, code, etc.

brb, adding "Swipe right if you can quote the 7 Rochdale principles" to my online dating profile.

hey! white person reading this! answer this poll. mlk is watching.

i have a close friend of more than 3 years that is Black

Ok, picked back up on now that the library has it. Reading .

Parts of it are hard to read. It’s a romance, told through the lens of two 16 year-olds; both outcasts in their own degree. It has deep explorations of poverty, domestic abuse, and parents being shitty to kids.

The character writing is outstanding, with the tension of people not understanding one another intertwining with people experiencing and acting from emotional suffering.

A friend is looking for a home on the Fediverse! Help me find them a good instance for video games discussion and culture thats got good and clear moderation policies in favor of antifa/socialistic ideoligies!

Lets help them find a new home!

boosts welcome

Referring to turn based strategy games as "chess-likes"

NGL I am infinitely jealous of people who can draw :/

Another solid group coding session. We are learning a lot about how to write semantic HTML and organize our work into components without getting caught up into the React life.

Need to figure out the most boring plain-HTML/CSS/JS “style guide” style component library system soon...

Sure not writing image descriptions is one kind of action that can make a community less welcoming to disabled people.

But honestly, hardline proclamations that everyone MUST write image descriptions or they're BAD (which I'm seeing more often)...also feel pretty unwelcoming!

Even as someone who benefits from image descriptions, I don't benefit from the lack of nuance around disability issues. I don't benefit from being used as a stick to beat people with who aren't writing image descriptions.

so, we're entering the last moments that mastodon has before i go on my "dreadlocks are only for black people" tirade

I liked the magic system quite a bit, with its emphasis on co-creating ties between people for sharing strength; and the themes of finding harmony between spirituality and science.

It doesn’t shy away from America’s human rights abuses during the mid 20th century, placed at an inflection point following WWII and the rise of McCarthyism. A moment in US history ripe for de-“exceptionalizing.”

Pick it up if you like ensemble fantasy?

The other reading group is reading , by ; the first in the series.

This is not a book I would probably have considered reading were it not part of a group. I tend to not “get” the appeal of , and avoid horror.

This tips Cthulhu on its ear, however, with the protagonist being a “Person of the Water” who survived a state-inflicted genocide in the 1930s.

Finally had the spoons to make some progress on today!

I sprouted a “Guides” feature that allows us to document how to use Convene. My intent is to extract this to an engine that also includes support ticketing, i18n, etc; so operators of a Convene instance can steward their network more effectively.

Are their Opinions On The Internet about the tradeoffs of using CommonMark flavored Markdown?

(Mental health meta, systems theory) 

(Mental health meta, systems theory) 

Have a call scheduled with the founder of , a sex worker platform coop! Cool to see more labor coops sprouting; especially around marginalized communities.

"Most designers, most of the time, do not think of themselves as sexists, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, ableist, or settler-colonialist. Some may consider themselves to be capitalist, but few identify as part of the ruling class. Many feel themselves to be in tension with #capitalism, and many even identify as socialist. However, #DesignJustice is not about intentionality; it is about process and outcomes."

lewd (text-only) 

Me, flirting: "you know, I want to perform so much emotional labor for you..."

I think I don’t “get” the combat. I was working from the assumption that I need to be sneaky and strategic, but it seems like if I do that most of the combat scenarios descend into chaos regardless?

I think I probably just need to “get good” at the timing and stuff, but as soon as there’s a pack of critters I have no idea how to deal.

Maybe I need to play around more with shock ammo/traps?

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