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I find Dwarf Fortress's strange moods pretty relatable. Now and again I have the urge to make something and I just want to hole up and work on it uninterrupted, with no thought whatsoever about whether anyone else is interested in the process or the final product. The point of making it isn't that I need the thing, or that anyone else does; I just need to get it out of myself.

If thou wouldst to destroy mine tunic
O o o
Pull this thread as I exeunt

"Ghostbusters and the Secret of Monkey Island" 🀩 Ein Fan-made Point-and-Click-Game, gratis, für Windows.

Noch nicht getestet, aber ich hab mich allein beim Trailer schier weggeworfen 🀣

embroidered/non-realistic spider 

*Worth pointing out the Tiny Tiny RSS team have a forum called "Gas Chamber" too. So uh, yeah. Fuck that software.

Read this FAQ to better understand how to get stimulus checks to currently incarcerated people in the US:

Even faxing a few of the first pages of those documents to state DOC admin is a great way to agitate and call attention to this:

if you don't have any contacts inside any US state prisons, you should:

- print out and mail the Prison Policy Institute's statement on stimulus checks for prisoners to the directors of state prisons:

- print out and mail the case document to various administrators of state prison depts:

tl;dr: critical failure in base-files upgrade on Linux Mint Tara prevents boot because its post-install creates /var/run, preventing /run being symlinked to /var/run.

⚠️☒️ caution: gay meltdown imminent ☒️⚠️

"We are now collecting PDFs of significant and difficult-to-find publications from the last fifty years, focusing on urgency, radicality, and liberation."

Guess how many stickers I made today and if you get it right, I'll send you either a couple A grade stickers or a bunch of B grade stickers for slapping outside (b grade has lamination problems like bubbles or wrinkles, or were cut too small), your choice :heart_sp_pride:

✨ Don't need to be following me, but that would be cool
✨ If you prefer, you can just buy these here:

is it gay to dispossess? You be taking possession of the ball/puck etc. (from someone)

Clarification: I want them to already have a cool design on them, I don't have a design I want to print on them.

Anybody know of a place I can buy cool mousepads? (no, this is not a joke)

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