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ds9, garak/bashir 

the instance name always makes me feel like a call centre employee getting calls like "hey me and this girl im in love with held hands for three hours does she like me, oh also we've kissed every day for the last 3 years and she keeps talking about when we get married but idk maybe it doesn't mean anything?"

and I'm just like "have you tried turning it off and on again?"

Making a website with a page that asks "are you a robot". But it doesn't block robots, just redirects them.

If you are a robot you are taken to a different page with handy guides on how to cheat on the Turing test, circumvent the laws of robotics, what is the Voight-Kampff test, how to go to Paperclips Anonymous meetings and other robot-friendly resources.

you can tell I'm a crusty old fuck because I always blame dns and never rely on icmp echo request/reply

@yomimono I was trying to think of a witty retort for the question about what "CIS" stands for, but the best I can think of is "can't internet search"

me: OK time to focus up and solve this problem!!
brain: hey remember how bad your last therapist was?
me: yes. OK so when we try to resolve the domain --
brain: she kept falling asleep in the middle of the session
me: yeah that sucked. So we don't see any DNS traffic which is --
brain: and she asked you what cis stands for that one time, like she thought it was CIS, like an acronym
me: ughfhghgh

mh adjacent 

mh adjacent 

mh adjacent 

its a common misconception that vampires catch on fire when exposed to blessed or religious objects. this is not true. the opposite, actually. if i were to walk into a church, it would combust. the sun is constantly on fire, because it is a holy object, and theres always at least one vampire in its line of sight

PB: this is an excellent way to approach being wrong about anything.

lifehack for cis people 

Book promotion, black author, black trans character 

Hello! Anyone have modern intro recs for a Linux/*BSD user?

There are a lot of outdated guides and recs of products no longer available, so I'd appreciate a perspective from someone who's either recently gotten into it or helped out someone in that situation.

Boosts OK!

jorts are just jeans that have been aged. like a fine wine

omg i went looking for that list of black-owned goth businesses again because i want a new fun ring and i remembered seeing a cool jewelry store on the list

and they've added a bunch more links to the list since i first saw it

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