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hey all, please remember to support artists during all this shit. hearing how some of my fav artists and musicians are gonna have trouble making rent in the upcoming months due to show cancellations sucks. boost their stuff, buy some merch or an album

pouring one out for all the ops, helpdesk, and IT staff out there putting their remote work infrastructures through their paces under adverse conditions.

y'all got this.


Interesting, LibrePlanet will be an entirely remote conference this year!

Coronavirus seems to be a bigger motivator than climate breakdown...

the solution to women saying "these spaces make me feel unsafe" is not to be like "these other, better women still feel safe in this space and therefore youre making up the problems to make the space look bad"

Can anyone rec me some good with asexual protagonists? Aro ace or alloro ace are both good. Demi and grey good too! Any kind of ace protagonist.

We are legion, but we don't seem to star in that many fantasy novels and I wanna read one!

pls make sure to wash your paws very well

*licks a paw* :Pc

We managed not to foster fail for a long time, but these two have defeated us with their perfection

Hello, Merveilles.

I'm a digital artist, recovering from a creative block, who switched to Linux full-time in 2020. (Below is the first pixel art piece I've made in a couple years.)

I also spend my time making soundtracks to silent films, and deleting as much of my data off the Internet as possible.

I'm currently working on a piece for Spring Thing 2020.

Thank you for having me.


@garbados typing in sudo chown 1000 *.so to own the libs

Hardware Acceleration is approximately 9.8 m/sΒ² and is achieved by tossing your computer out the fucking window

My partner got this GORGEOUS pic of one of our foster getting to know the butter toy that came with 😍

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