Having a grand old time decompiling, altering, and recompiling old AGI games this windy Saturday evening.

@ifixcoinops I'm from a place where they're considered unlucky, but that's nonsense! ❤️ my current cats aren't void kitties, but I love them anyway.

I had a very, very good longhaired black cat whom I loved very much. I have no good photos of her because void kitty.

Just realised I can post this pic of wilma again, so angelic 👼

Still hiring... systems administrators of most linux flavors wanted. You'll work on supercomputers, kubernetes, petascale archives, data science workflows...


Job opportunity 

it's just so infuriating to see people shit on service workers as if the job is even remotely easy


Also, if you are even a bit interested in devops or security, I am hiring support engineers again and also looking for a kickass technical writer to overhaul our troubled docs (job listing for that one will go up next week) - boards.greenhouse.io/humio #techjobs #hiring #devops #infosec

gay stuff, identity 


Given a weighted graph of a lesbian polycule, find the shortest distance between two nodes. Dyke-stra's algorithm.

gay stuff, identity 

“multithreading?” uh, pretty sure it’s called “embroidery” but ok

Today I found myself explaining the three rules of data centers:
1. Don't catch fire
2. Don't catch water
3. Don't black out

@netkitty aw, I don't think you would like this. But I have some nibbles set aside for you! *puts them down in front of you* 1110b 0101b 0000b

accidentally added support for variable-width fonts to stitchcraft. shit.

people shouldn’t be allowed to work more than ~20hrs per week

people need time and space for themselves, but when they force themselves into a shared workspace for excessive periods day-in day-out and deny themselves personal liberties, that need doesn’t just go away

when people don’t give themselves an outlet, they end up transforming their shared workspace into a place that serves their own personal needs at the cost of those around them. this transformation is the antithesis of inclusivity

@neal I said "ohhhhhhh" and showed this picture to my partner, who said "awwwwwwwwww! baaaaaaby"

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