We have signed on to the African American Round Table’s letter to the common council of Milwaukee to demand that they vote AGAINST the COPS grantβ€”a federal program which would give three years salary to MPD for 30 more cops to patrol our streets.

That money needs to be used for things people need, not more police.


@chemelia I looked at the thread and that was a Big Mistake, yikes πŸ™€ RIP your notifications

@hazel Happy to talk about it more as a delicate RSI flower and reluctant owner of several keyboards πŸ˜… would probably be useful to know your stance on mechanical vs rubber-dome keyboards though. If you don't care about getting real switches, the Kinesis Split is cheaper and was good enough for me for a few years. Also easier to travel with.

@hazel I have one. I think it's fine, but also that all the benefit (for me) comes from the split design rather than the ortholinear layout. I like my work keyboard (a mechanical split keyboard with an otherwise orthodox layout, from Matias) better. Unfortunately I've gotten 3 keyboards from Matias that have all been super wonderful *except* for some keystrike issue or another -- repeating 'a' strikes on one, a sticky '.' on another, a wacky ' ' on a third. No such with the Ergodox.

@netkitty Absolutely.
*layers a bunch of new windows, holds a few of them up for kitten.exe to crawl into*

It's 100% valid to want cw'ed political posts

Sometimes one of my cats sees a spider or a bug way up high, and I hold him up so he can bat it down and go chase it. He hates being held, but his love of batting at stuff outweighs that, so for that moment we're a team.


I will be pronouncing the year verbally as "mixy" for the next thousand or so days.

am very proud of you for making it to 2021, mew :blobcatheart:

i know 2020 was a hard hard year for a lot of people. i'm so glad you are here today to party with me :blobcatlove:

Such a good and underrated talk by @wilkie -- "Preserving Digital Art and Games for 100 Years!" youtube.com/watch?v=R9b5TNOlyR

@reynir It doesn't work very well, unfortunately, because it's just an accelerometer in the middle of the hoop trying to guess about rotation. Getting it to output the right stuff via USB was the easy part πŸ˜…

There are a lot of sensors in my basement that haven't been incorporated into anything ridiculous yet. That's the problem I'm really trying to solve πŸ˜…

Arduino has such a nice USB HID library that making the embroidery-hoop steering wheel for American Truck Simulator was pretty easy. I'm thinking I might want to make a bunch of custom input devices in 2021 - a bunch of fun, silly, or very-specific controllers.

It's the sort of project where it would be useful to have a definite deadline for each one (an implicit quality ceiling for prototypes, kind of), so maybe like 1 a month?

@netkitty *folds up some bitmaps to make a comfy cushion* maybe this will help!

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