nerd couple who keep calling each other nerds boost if you agree

@er1n writing pseudocode like

if (condition):
do wrong thing;

@qdot I bought a used sound system from someone's VW Bug so I could play DDR louder; my advice is follow your heart

Studying data science
I love my classes
Got a crazy teacher
Who wears VR glasses
Things are going great
And they're only getting better

I'm doing all right
Getting good grades
Future's so bright
I gotta wear shades

I got a startup waiting
For my graduation
50 mil a year
Will buy a lot of beer

Well I'm heavenly blessed
And worldly wise
I'm a peeping tom techie
With googly eyes

Future's so bright
I gotta wear shades

scrolled through my entire profile trying to find the thread where i posted bad political charts because i have a new bad one thats very good, i guess instead of updating the thread ill just post the image here on its own

Pay black women.
Open up your wallets and give the contents to black women.
Cash to black women.
Paypal black women.
Credit card/check to black women.
Venmo send to black women.
Cashapp to black women.
Bank transfers to black women.
Sign deeds for valuable property over to black women.

no, you fuckers, i am not downloading your app just because i am looking on my phone. i have a whole-ass web browser

@iridophore color choice was (unsurprisingly) handled by my much more color-competent partner 😸

Q has been overgrooming so we got him a soft cone. I thought it would make him look stupid but somehow he's working it

Finally made a little video of some of the random art from #36C3 πŸš€β€‹

"If you give people money/things they need for nothing, they won't work and society will collapse."

*capitalism hands out millions of dollars in severance packages to executives fired due to ALMOST not getting away with literal crimes*

DAMN but I got my bustles all in a trundle about an e-mail I just received

A cool thing about owning a domain like is you can respond to any e-mail with any opinion and the recipient is like "I deserved that"

In 1982, a crack Antarctic scientific unit was eaten/absorbed/greeted by an alien life form. This alien promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground.

Today, still wanted by the government, he/she/it/they survive as soldier(s)/scientist(s)/ambassador(s)/detective(s) of fortune.

If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, if you don't mind the odd tentacle dog, and if you can find it/them/we/us/you...

maybe you can hire/embrace/become

The Thing Team

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