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This buddy reappeared recently and it's definitely the most delighted I've been by a big ol' inflatable outdoor holiday decoration.

We managed not to foster fail for a long time, but these two have defeated us with their perfection

My partner got this GORGEOUS pic of one of our foster getting to know the butter toy that came with 😍

Visited a cat cafΓ© in my most recent travels and met a lot of real good cats! Meow Parlour in Manhattan is A+ would visit again.

Our current foster loves drinking from the faucet but she is not very good at it.

Q has been overgrooming so we got him a soft cone. I thought it would make him look stupid but somehow he's working it

This very good orange is staying with us for a bit and I'm completely charmed 😍

pet death 

is very excited about my new Kerbal Space Program habit and all the laptop warms it generates. Best computer use since the afl-fuzz test bonanza of 2017 in her opinion

(if you're gonna ask for one of these be advised that it will take a while)

"but is this weirdo established?" You may be worrying. Worry no more. Not only am I firmly established, I know my ABCs plus a few.

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