Q has been overgrooming so we got him a soft cone. I thought it would make him look stupid but somehow he's working it

This very good orange is staying with us for a bit and I'm completely charmed 😍

pet death 

is very excited about my new Kerbal Space Program habit and all the laptop warms it generates. Best computer use since the afl-fuzz test bonanza of 2017 in her opinion

(if you're gonna ask for one of these be advised that it will take a while)

"but is this weirdo established?" You may be worrying. Worry no more. Not only am I firmly established, I know my ABCs plus a few.

"pfffft, that's all cross-stitch", I hear you saying. "Where is the freehand embroidery?" It is here, friend. It is here.

"what sorts of silly embroidery might you do?" I hear you tentatively asking. A very small number of preliminary answers have come!

came into the basement and chirped at me a bunch, so I followed her upstairs and had a seat on the couch in case she wanted to snuggle. she did so for about two seconds before falling asleep hanging halfway off my lap in the least comfortable-looking position imaginable

cis person talking about trans stuff, + 

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