Whenever she sits in a human chair, I take it as a glowing review of that particular chair. Also I find somewhere else to sit, obviously.

Discovered a bulgy laptop case yesterday and I'm glad I got this thing out of there and to city recycling right quick.

Quarantine level: American Truck Simulator, but with joystick controls on the DDR pad

I audibly gasped when I saw this and my partner correctly deduced that they should take a photo immediately

Sometimes they cuddle together like this and they look like one organism

I'm adding "key management expert" to my supervisor's list of qualifications

These sweethearts are keeping us grounded right now. Partner has gone hard into historical reproduction garment sewing and I've been taking apart all of my broken electronics, squinting at them, and breaking them further.

She often brings me this toy when I'm working. I assume her thought process is "that glowing rectangle toy doesn't look very fun. Maybe I should bring her a better toy. This one's the best one"

My partner and I have had to abbreviate "they're good cats, brent" to just "BRENNNNNT" or "BROMMMMMMMMT" or whatever because we're so frequently overcome

covid19, statism 

This buddy reappeared recently and it's definitely the most delighted I've been by a big ol' inflatable outdoor holiday decoration.

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