> ./
>>> Welcome back to Mastodon!
>>> You are [yomimono]. You are in some sort of wandering shop.
>>> Behind you is a weirder earth (closed), just beyond which is a famous town of witches (also closed).

> inventory

>>> You have:
>>> a computer
>>> regrets

> order coffee

>>> β˜•

> program computer

>>> You make a in using .

> program computer

>>> You work on a ! it involves and .

> look cat

>>> which ?


@yomimono was worried we had lost you there for a minute ;)

@yomimono Please let me know 3 days in advance if you change your instance to the one I am currently on so I can start looking for a new one with enough lead time 😜

@yomimono By the way, did you know that (as well as apparently) is available? Wouldn’t that make for a good instance domain running as a MirageOS unikernel?

@Kensan I actually called the broker that owned last year out of curiosity and they wanted USD 4k, which is a little out of my price range :) I do own which is good enough for me!

@yomimono Whoa, that’s rather pricey... How about spicing things up with some Scandinavian flavor?

@Kensan after I let expire in early 2017, I swore I wouldn't buy any more domain names without having the thing to point it at already ready 🐴

@yomimono I am literally rolling on the floor laughing πŸ˜‚
I concede: Yomimono (on all instances where present) 1, Kensan 0. To be continued...

@yomimono Well, it was good while it lasted... πŸ˜‚


Grue roam outside the Glad you made it and welcome.

>> The cats of the shop are varied and strange. They are welcoming, and look like they are awaiting your next move. Several are asleep. At least one is dancing a minuet to a sea shanty.

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