yak shave status: Windows NE resource table parser for my cross-stitch software

yak shave status, updated: surely this CPAN module last updated in 2004 has the answers I seek


if you had said to me, "yomimono, how much of your OCaml cross-stitch software project is going to involve reading other people's Perl code" I would not have predicted any

also if you had asked how many mirrored copies of old Windows Knowledge Base (TM) (R) articles would be involved, I would have been very incorrect

@yomimono new pro tip: start every project by allocating 10% of total effort to reading OPP (other people's perl) and call it Larry's Share. Then, if you can get by with less OPP by the end, you will come ahead of schedule. Thanks, Larry!

@djsundog @yomimono

Save me, save me
Be the light in my eyes
What I wouldn't give to be
When I read Larry's share

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