me: utilities: $120
food: $200
joke domain names: $6,600
housing: $2,100
someone please help me budget this my family is dying
also me: ooh, a special on .site, .biz, and .com bundles

@yomimono You're spending too much on housing if your utilities are only $120. I'd recommend finding something you can get a cheaper 30 year mortgage on to free up some family not dying money. If you can find an especially good deal (my mortgage is $270 fixed, but I don't know if I could find that again now) you could maybe even budget a little more for joke domain names.

@neal yeah, I stupidly got a 15-year mortgage and now my family is dying :(

@yomimono How much do you like the family? Could you replace them with cats?

@yomimono @neal i mean, on the bright side it means you’ll pay it off sooner? Think of how much money you’ll have to spend on joke domains once you own the place free and clear*!

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