Looking for a good way to do input method selection in (my goal is to switch between Japanese input and EN-US easily) - advice please? Bonus for suggestions involving minimal extra dependencies, as this is for use in and I'd like to shove as little into dom0 as possible.

Boosts OK!

@yomimono in Debian I ended up using Mozc with inputbus... :/

@deathmlem Thanks! I don't think I've ever done this without some huge desktop environment, so even solutions that you don't like are helpful - I really don't even know where to start 😅

@yomimono I’ve come to appreciate desktop environments, now that I went super minimal Debian and switched back to Mac. I think I know of a lot of lightweight utilities now

@yomimono a friend who does this tells me he uses ibus + mozc

@yomimono If you just need to switch between just those 2 you could just bind shortcuts in your i3 config that executes whatever command you'd normally use to set the key mode? You could also write a script that will toggle the toggle the two.

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