restarting to update firefox, as my father did before me, and his father did before him

Thinking about fucking around and releasing a new volume of ✨ INTERNET GIRLFRIEND CLUB ✨!!! But I need a few more entries, pleeeeeeeeez ➡

just got an extremely earnest spam for twitter, but with blockchain

keep changin' that world, fellow techos

fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving


I stroke the kitty and I touch them beans
excuse my manners if I joyfully keen

I'mma boop the cats that I wanna boop
I ain't got a thing to prove to youp

mh, covid-adj 

mh, covid-adj 

"I invented my body and it was the best idea."

can you believe daniel lavery wrote this ABOUT UNTITLED GOOSE GAME I LOVE HIM

anyway, here's a tutorial I've been working on recently about Inform 7 (a commonly used language for making interactive fiction):

it takes a somewhat unusual(?) route through the material, showing you how to implement your own actions, properties and relations before showing you how to use the built-in stuff (like "take lamp" and "go north"). I think this approach makes it easier to understand how Inform's syntax and the standard rules/world model actually work

anyone have recommendations for their favorite lifehacks to overthrow authoritarian governments

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