Crude, astronomical symbols, 26 Proserpina 

hahAHAHAHA*collapses, wheezing*

a spokesman from the British Museum said, “This is the one thing we didn’t want to happen”


Went to a catcade today!!! It was very sweet.

Pic 1: there were some empty cabinets with bed shelves for the kitters
Pic 2: this lady didn't want anyone playing pac-man
Pic 3 and 4: C. testing the games, then making friends with the kitters sleeping on top of them

oscillating between “there is a humane future that software helped build” and “computers were a mistake and i want revenge”

is there any greater act of hubris than a brand thinking I give a shit about their new logo

immediately throwing out everything in my refrigerator because I let two-digit years roll over at 20

We got this charming cat on Friday morning and she's already gone home with her new family 😸 I hope they send lots of photos!

Our current foster loves drinking from the faucet but she is not very good at it.

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