It's done!
"Women's Work"
Cotton fabric, perle cotton, wooden clothespins
15" x 10"

#mastoart #artquilt #textileart #embroidery

This cape Jeremy Dutcher wore to the Juno Awards is unbelievable, and it was designed to make a statement about queerness, language, and Indigenous relationships to the land 💚💚💚

"The inside of the cape was printed with Cree letters spelling out, “We will succeed.” Dutcher points out that 2019 has been dubbed by the UN the International Year of Indigenous Languages, and wanted to highlight to the significance of protecting Indigenous languages. “In the language I speak, there’s less that 100 fluent speakers left. We’re in a really critical moment right now. We have to work hard to preserve our languages and put them on national stages.”

"I ALREADY don't like how much thinking about memory ownership and side-effects I'm having to do here", the @yomimono story

I'm so grateful for all the warm wishes and excited to start my two year term serving on the #OpenSource Initiative Board of Directors 🙏 Many thanks to everyone who supported my campaign!

This one is coming together. It's two separate quilts (and I'm going to make one more). The three will stack on top of one another and will be held together by clothespins, so only the one on top will display...but it can be changed. Title is tentatively "Women's Work." #mastoart #artquilt #embroidery #textileart

wanna cover your town in propaganda/cover up fascist dogshite but are too broke to buy loads of stickers online? here's a tip for ya: if you're able to print your own (printable labels are relatively cheap) then regular waterproof spray from a DIY store works wonders to make them durable enough for the outdoors

managed to get the time of a call wrong by two entire hours, which I could blame on jetlag or DST or traveling too much but is definitely actually because I am bad at time. Let's see how long I can make this iced coffee last...

I would try to get him on Peertube but I inherited being cranky about running servers from him, so probably a no-go until we get a unikernel ActivityPub implementation

hey, if y'all want some Quality Soothing Train Content (TM) you should check out my dad's youtube channel: (not a joke)

Pro tip: when starting your #WorkerCoop, #IntentionalCommunity, or other collective endeavour, start with agreeing on a conflict resolution procedure, and be very intentional about building trust between the members.

Trust me, waiting until the project is two years in to figure this stuff out is not a great idea.

Dear neighbors: hope you enjoy tinnily-rendered businessfunk 👔 🎵

I finished this cute little octopus cross-stitch yesterday, it was so much fun! 🦑😍✨

There's lots of great stuff about being home, but right now I'm enjoying the ability to blast stuff out of my laptop speakers 🎵


Is it wrong to already be excited for the next mirage retreat? I've only been gone less than an hour.


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