Classic Oregon Coast atmospheric photos 

Took doggo to the coast for a sweet little hike. Started in the sun on one side of a hill, then the fog rolled in and changed the view by the time we'd turned around to hike back.

Saw this during CoffeeQuills' stream and thought of @vicorva πŸ˜‚


> It's also important to note that cats really suck at conflict resolution. To quote from The Domestic Cat: The Biology of its Behaviour, "Cats do not appear to develop conflict resolution strategies to the extent that more gregarious species do, so they may attempt to circumvent agonistic encounters by avoiding others or decreasing their activity."

Miaow!! 🐱

I forgot there wouldn’t be image previews for both blog posts, sigh, so here’s the illustrations:

The one that looks like little plus signs in circles is the modified excerpt; the one that’s like mirrored halves of each motif with vertical lines between the halves is the original stitch pattern for Kind. (Those descriptions would be the alt text, so I’m not going to duplicate them.)

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A while back, I made a needlework chart out of the word Kind:

This week, I took an excerpt of that chart and modified it to make a coordinating stitch pattern:

If you use my charts, I’d love to know!


from having booked a booster vaccination just now, it looks as if it's being offered to multiple groups of people in the uk, not just the over-50s. this includes people who care for, or even just have regular contact with, a clinically vulnerable person, which i think it's fair to say many of us do. they're not checking :)

I really love visiting friends and seeing things I made for them, and thinking of my friend often seeing it too ❀️

An artist friend is selling this shirt that says 1312 in cuneiform and you better believe I ordered one immediately

brain noise 

Yeah i your Great Depression right here:


Saw a bunch of Business People coming off the Chicago train, in suits and everything. I kind of forgot they were real.

Words are in front of you. Do you have to choose to read them, or does it happen automatically?

Boosts OK and encouraged!

Words are in front of you. Do you have to choose to read them, or does it happen automatically?

Boosts OK and encouraged!

the existence of pure functional programming implies the existence of horny functional programming that Fucks

showed up an hour late to a meeting, said some dumb stuff, distracted everyone with my cat, then flounced

I'm available for new contracts if this is the energy your team needs

so at least some people were indeed queuing to make sure

that's... unexpectedly heartwarming

We've got a new part-time, 6 month front-end development gig at Freedom of the Press Foundation. Fixed $40K budget, you propose the fees schedule that works for you. Come work on and our other sites.

Remote, with preference for candidates who are available for communication during afternoon work hours US eastern time:

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