the first draft of Sew, You Want to Embroider?, my #embroidery 101 #zine, is finished! now on to typing everything up! once finished, it'll have 20 pages, with tutorials for 16 basic stitches, plus some other resources, and examples of some of my finished projects
all in all, it will be available for 1 USD for the PDF, or I can print and mail it to you for 3 USD, plus shipping over 1 USD (ie if shipping is 1.15 USD your total would be 3.15 USD)

hi cis friends! (if you’re reading this while not being trans, that’s you!!) the dk64 stream is over but you can still replicate the experience!!! here’s how:

1. look at #TransCrowdFund here or on birdsite until you find someone with an active gofundme/ko-fi/paypal/etc. (this part should take about five seconds)
2. open the nearest window and stick your head out
3. shout β€œTRANS RIGHTS” into the void as you smash that donate button

it’s easy and it feels great to do!

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posed in front of this I did about her and it's so good! she's so good β™₯️

My partner and I started fostering cats a month ago! We're now on our fourth foster cat, who has yet to warm up to us but I bet she's also super great and definitely not an empty box.

Stardew Valley but in space with anarchists and hydroponics tbh

some free software is "libre as in lucha libre":

it helps to make up a secret identity, because you're going to have to do battle with a bunch of masked chuds with opinions before you even get to wrestle the software itself

Serious recommendation: if you like solarpunk, look into AfroFuturism. It's been around -way- longer, and tbh, solarpunk was probably inspired by it. The aesthetics and ideals often overlap, and there's way more lore and fiction to read! Also, you'll be giving a platform to people that have great ideas and need the attention.

we still have some spots, if you're interested please sign up asap πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ

sometimes i use the amazing vim command ":%s/\S/A/g | %s/A\s\|A$/AH!! /g" to have my code reflect how i feel. example follows:

that didn't work for the Romans and it won't work for you

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Knitted jumper that acts as a FM radio transmitter; inspired by protests in Turkey:

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