Love yourself enough to demand to be treated better than being a token stereotype.

If you don't, or can't muster that yet, let me know and I'll love you enough to demand that for you. No one deserves to just be content with accepting the crumbs of human decency that oppressors throw our way. You're a person, not somee bigot's feel good lesson or stepping stone to become less of a shitbag.

LGBT rights in Poland, police brutality 

This is such a small part of one amazing film but I fuckin love how Spiderverse normalizes graffiti culture, the graffiti scenes were some of the best bits of writing in the film. You see Miles going from stickering signposts, to tagging subway walls, to eventually painting a huge mural on a visible wall. The development of his artistic expression parallels and complements the development his character goes through as the story progresses

It clearly has a lot of respect for graffiti culture and portrays it incredibly well as a result. That's far more than I can say for 99% of media that portrays underground subcultures

(CW: Images for spoilers)

the linux game is trying to only get problems that very few other people have ever had. if too many people have had the same problem, it's hell to look up a solution since 99% of the results are too basic and stuff you already know won't work in your case. if too few people have had the same problem, well there probably isn't a solution. so you must walk exactly on the line of rare problems

the best thing about epidemiology jokes 

Up late working on a complete FOSS and web-based teaching environment for RISC-V assembly called RAWRS. It uses a WebAssembly build of GNU binutils and TinyEMU which has a tty and VGA device lol. I wrote the kernel in RISCV as well which the students can inspect. Should be good.

i think one of my absolute favorite tropes to throw aside is the idea of huge castles in the middle of nowhere housing vampire aristocracy. boring. give me sleazy, out of date 1950s Americana 24/7 diners with flickering neon signs inviting weary travelers to grab some coffee and pie. you leave, somehow more exhausted then when you arrived, the only evidence of your stay being a white Styrofoam container with the pie you didnt eat and an ache in your neck.

I have failed a lot today but accumulated so many experience points.

I had a software preservation joke, but it was written for Windows 3.1 and now I have to wait another 100 years to reliably and widely make it available for study to avoid the devastating financial ruin of copyright law if I distribute the OS nobody uses anymore.

mh or ph, maybe? 

@nolan >Tech Enthusiasts: Everything in my house is wired to the Internet of Things! I control it all from my smartphone! My smart-house is bluetooth enabled and I can give it voice commands via alexa! I love the future!

>Programmers / Engineers: The most recent piece of technology I own is a printer from 2004 and I keep a loaded gun ready to shoot it if it ever makes an unexpected noise.

reading about cats in Islam and absolutely losing my mind about how one of the Prophet's companions is known as Abu Hurairah, which means "father of a kitten". imagine loving cats so much that history remembers you as "Cat Dad". what an icon

Tired: my input device crashes trucks in American Truck Simulator
Wired: my input device crashes American Truck Simulator

gamers constantly run their mouths about "beating bosses" but won't even unionise, I don't get it

yeah i'm a political developer
fuck terfs fuck nazis fuck landlords fuck the police

that is all,

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