The Open Structures website is back online after a large overhaul! It's looking great :)

Open Structures is an open source modular system that allows you to build anything from shelving to a recumbent bike to a table lamp to stool, using modular, replaceable parts and standard hardware. This means you can repair and redesign any item that fits the standard, and build new parts using designs freely available online.

#making #DIY #solarpunk #modular #hacking #OpenStructures #RightToRepair #repair

somehow weird... you develop YYY over several months on a public self-hosted git repository, then the day you push a fork to GitHub it is perceived as something new... is this the end of decentralised infrastructure? what is missing? a centralised update stream? (I myself feel guilty on clicking facebook for developers; and would appreciate some feed for the self-hosted repositories I'm interested in, but also gitlab and github -- any pointers?) in unrelated other news

this post on building alt-controller games makes me want to do mad science in my basement

The local goat sanctuary posted this picture and its SO CUTE IM DYING

I'm kinda irked that nobody gives credit to for having been an open source alternative to Meetup for more than a decade already

NYC folks: if you'd like a free ticket to my day long workshop this Friday about, essentially, how to run a great Mastodon instance for your community, I have discount codes!

It's based on my guide but it uses the guide as a jumping off point and I get into some of the nitty gritty, including things like "how to stay on top of Mastodon releases and keep your community informed of new features if you don't know anything about programming"

take me down to parallel city where the lines are straight and stretch to infinity

*a spectre appears, holding out a book* ๐Ÿ‘ป ๐Ÿ“š

Oooo did you know, nine out of ten necromancers recommend BOOKS & BONE for a fun, comfy halloween high-fantasy? A spoookily great book.

I've got the buy links heeeere ... *the spectre leaves a link in your feed, then disappears*

๐Ÿ’€ ๐Ÿ–ค ๐Ÿ“š โœจ

okay #coding #ComputerScience #SoftwareEngineering peeps: if I'm graduating in May, when do I need to start applying for full time positions? Also, anyone want to hire a full stack JS/Python/Rust/everything dev in #Chicago or #SanDiego?

I see we're talking about Jeff Bezos again and so I'd like to repost one of my favorite political education tools: the (short!) Twine game "You Are Jeff Bezos"

taking its cue from Kafka, you wake up one morning transformed into a monstrous vermin, by which I mean, Jeff Bezos. The only way to cure this awful curse? Spend all his fucking money.

"who wants to debug forever?!" i cry out, laptop high above my head, as i lead the new programmers down to the surface of the bug homeworld

Have you heard of this game where you play as a horrible goose that wreaks mischief on the mild-mannered inhabitants of a small English village?

This neural net certainly hadn't.

The last batch of pull-tab flyers went very well, so I replaced the Earth Strike link with and changed the order of things because I'm indecisive, and now I've got 10 more to put up around town!

Again, this idea and even this exact design (replacing the Birmingham stuff with stuff local to you ofc) are free for everyone to use. It's really surprising how quickly tabs get taken, and knowing that each one is a person who's interested in activism and who now has access to the resources to get started is awesome

Whoo boy, this is the most public statement I've ever signed:

Let's hope some good for #GNU comes of this all.

Game idea: dungeons and dragons. You can play either as a dungeon or a dragon. The dungeon's goal is to get a nice dragon to move in. The dragon's goal is to find a nice dungeon to live in. It's a dating sim.

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