anyone on here making & selling face masks in the UK? (because not stressing out international postage is good)


These sweethearts are keeping us grounded right now. Partner has gone hard into historical reproduction garment sewing and I've been taking apart all of my broken electronics, squinting at them, and breaking them further.

I'm body-positive.

I got the results today, they confirmed I have a body.

woop, from the #MirageOS land:
- qubes-mirage-firewall supporting dynamic rules was released yesterday!topi
- TLS 1.3 is released, and live at
- no clue what will be announced tomorrow ;)

important addendum of some other places it's good to be fat:

in public
in revealing clothing
in formal settings


in case "it's good to be fat" is unhelpfully vague for you, here is a non-exhaustive list of places it is good to be fat:


She often brings me this toy when I'm working. I assume her thought process is "that glowing rectangle toy doesn't look very fun. Maybe I should bring her a better toy. This one's the best one"

Called my brain a stupid meat-sponge the other day and I can’t stop thinking about that

It was raining on me. It's annoying.

β€” Ducim Ralnol, hammerer

I want a girl with a short sword and a loooooooooooong health bar

Real programmers don't.

They just don't.

You say "will you?" and real programmers say "I will not."

make that Baby's First Attempted Wire Splice. Baby's First Successful Wire Splice is still an empty spot in the ol' photo book. Apparently these headphone cord wires are notoriously annoying even to seasoned solder-ers

Fun fact: Palpatine always wore jorts under his robe

cat managed to chew through my headphone cord (again!) so it's time for Baby's First Wire Splice 😬

Non-Free Ancient Greek resources 

Non-Free Ancient Greek resources 

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