For reasons, I'm making a list of ways to quit editors. Ctrl-x Ctrl-c (emacs), Esc-:q (vi), q (ed), Ctrl-x (pico)... who am I missing?

i never got much attention from women... until i became one #DatingTips

I was in a snow storm. No, that's not annoying.

β€” Minkot Ushulzefon, hammerer

irresponsible behavior, mh (-) 

The lakes where I currently live don't work, because they're all small enough that you can see the land around them, and you know that any feelings you put in there have to go somewhere. A Great Lake tricks you into thinking that anything you put in it is just... gone. Nothing could matter in something so big.

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irresponsible behavior, mh (-) 

I ran away to Milwaukee for a few days so I could stare into the lake, and also put all of my feelings in there. I learned at an early age that you take all of the feelings you don't want, go sit by the lake, and let them go.

To my surprise, I saw a ship head out of the Port of Milwaukee this evening -- the Atlantic Huron, bound for Sarnia. I took it for a laker but it isn't, and that really impressed on me how big lakers are O_O

Once again, the end! No moral.

BLACK PEOPLE (nonblack okay to boost): Let Us Be is our flagship initiative that provides a one-time $500 gift to 3 - 5 Black Liberationist change-makers each month. We begin accepting applications on the third Monday of every month, and decisions are made the following week.

Apply & get more info here! -->

friday evening 22:00, and I finally have NIST P-256 ECDSA sign and verify up and running with test vectors in #OCaml using no gmp (or other bignum libraries), but only proven (with Coq) code that does computations over p and n in constant time (using \o/

if your cat often bothers you at your computer and walks all over your keyboard, it's because they're trying to join you and do what you're doing. It's a sign of affection! One way to mitigate disruption without pushing away your cat is by buying your cat their own laptop and plugging it in next to yours. make sure the laptop has wifi, a VPN, and access to the darkweb

Urgent mutual aid request for Black comrade in housing crisis.

Has been living in unsafe situation and needs to relocate. Currently short approx $250 for rent and utilities.

Please donate and/or share.

Venmo - @patjdee
cashapp - $jpat10
paypal at

Thank you so very much for any and all support.


This has been on my mind for a long time, and now it's a real thing!

covid, mh - 

trying to get the number of times I get frantic with cabin fever, look up places to go, and conclude it's morally indefensible to travel down to like one a day

fucked up that i havent been able to go out in public and show off how fuckin gay i am since like, this time last year

vaccines hurry up

Which DOS error code are you today? I'm a bit 'Too many commands' and always a little 'Not ready'

We have signed on to the African American Round Table’s letter to the common council of Milwaukee to demand that they vote AGAINST the COPS grantβ€”a federal program which would give three years salary to MPD for 30 more cops to patrol our streets.

That money needs to be used for things people need, not more police.


It's 100% valid to want cw'ed political posts

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