tfw your hair reminds you of someone who is a nice person you like, but also that person is notorious for having bad hair

Do you keep forgetting to caption your stuff? @PleaseCaption can help you remind yourself to do it after every toot without an image caption.

Great article with a lot of info about I-94 through Round in Saint Paul

"What It Looks Like to Reconnect Black Communities Torn Apart by Highways"

A paper I wrote about (content-addressed) interfaces/descriptors in distributed ocap systems:

But here are some better versions (HTML, ODT, PDF):

Runnable coded included also.

This is the thing I revived the "energetic secrets" stuff from Joule for, which I was posting about on here the other day!

regret,,, or is it 

waking up in a pool of sweat clutching an OCaml-branded USB NixOS installer


Has anyone every used a SPARC64 laptop (yes they exist[ed]) and are they even usable in today world?

@megabyteGhost yes, rel=me! have an hyperlink from your website to your mastodon account, with the rel="me" attribute, and that's it!

Still looking for the toot that's gonna solve all the problems. Thank you for supporting me through my journey

btw my superpower for learning how to pronounce people's names is looking up recordings of them speaking and watching them introduce themselves πŸ‘‚

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I have been accused of "[not] even go[ing] here". Listen human, I have been a human going since time immemorial

are you my antiquated sysadmin? because you're telling me I'm using over 90% of my disk quota πŸ˜‰

I would like to share with you how my previous post is some galaxy-brain ass shit, but jfc I had enough nightmares about having to justify my toots already; let me rest in peace

Grateful! For people acknowledging I was right (saving me from the temptation of a "told you so"). For positively gorgeous and perfect movie trailers.

missile command but instead of falling meteors you're shooting down billionaires flying to space

anyways dasharez0ne has succinctly captured all of our thoughts on the matter

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cats have staff 

One of our cats really hates the feeling of fans blowing on her. We don't have AC, so every (non-stormy) night involves opening up all the windows in the house and pointing fans inside to pull in the cold air, and every morning involves turning the fans off so the fan-hating cat can sit in the windows for a little bit before it gets so hot we have to close them.

I got it by the side of the road and it does NOT have any bits. YESSSSSSSSSSS

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