chill positive revolutionary spaces? in my dark web? it's likelier than you think

What is software? A miserable pile of secrets. But enough talk. Have at you!


While Durkan talks about memorializing CHOP through art and the garden—even as 36+ political prisoners were thrown in jail today—I’m reminded of Malcolm X quote “The white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and real justice.”


if you or a loved one have ever been convinced that we live in a clockwork universe with well-ordered, deterministic, neatly understandable rules, you may be entitled to compensation

Sometimes they cuddle together like this and they look like one organism

hello, i couldn't find this meme so i recreated it

happy canada day, did you know the flag is a graph

if we can't have a trade union then i suppose wildcat strikes it'll have to be! fuck your boss and fuck your tech

organizing a lockout of your shitty SAAS. you fire the organizers but your service is already down and you already fired everyone who can fix it.

pics of a tapestry i just finished! I think its really good Im very excited. EC, me smiling, ect 

i have cat like reflexes. if i see a cat, i like it reflexively.

and god fucking knows Black Marxists have been taking class seriously the whole time WHILE analyzing the class dimensions of race and gender and the racial and gendered dimensions of class and capitalism. decolonial resistance has been integral to the ongoing development of Marxist-Leninist thought for an age. socialist feminism has Been analyzing the relationship of gender to production and reproduction of the productive forces.

catch UP

I'm adding "key management expert" to my supervisor's list of qualifications Chrystul Kizer is a Black 19-year-old survivor of sexual violence currently facing criminal prosecution for actions taken in self-defense. For almost two years, Chrystul has been incarcerated in the Kenosha County Jail while awaiting trial and presumed innocent. Donate to hear bail, legal funds, and healing care here.

hey ik a lot of people don't just intuitively know how to write image descriptions and alt texts so here's a resource! if anyone has any other resources re: image description and accessibility in tech feel free to add!

There's plans for a 24 hour #TwitchBlackout over allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment. The information is not spreading in a way seems particularly effective.
We're cancelling our stream tonight in support, and would appreciate if you could boost this post and consider doing the same, if you're able.


making fun of rationalists, subtoot 

Who named it "./main.go:15:17: cannot convert Foo literal" instead of "no pointy on main"

vanguardism / "black leaders" on TV 

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