If you're in the UK, and find the cost of a binder prohibitive, these people can give you one free. (They also request donations of cash or binders)




I'm not a huge fan of "pure" as we use it to mean "absent of side effects", because of its weird connotations. Instead I'm going to start using "explicit"

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We're still looking for a few sponsors for !!Con this year! We're a nonprofit and our sponsors let us:

- pay our speakers+keynotes!
- have live captioning!
- reimburse A/V equipment for speakers!

details: bangbangcon.com/sponsors.html or email 2021-organizers@exclamation.foundation

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/b0rk/status/137916

You've got to know when to hold 'em,
know when to fold 'em
Know when they need a wash
and know when they're done

You never put them away
when they're damp and not as fluffy
they'll need tumble dry a bit more
Then your towel's done.

i heard around the fediverse that is trans day of visibility

so today i wanna remind all my trans friends that i love them :heart_trans: :blobcatreach: it is your day! pls be nice to yourself :blobcatheart:

Given job title: Firmware engineer

Actual job title: RTOS kernel configuration flag guesser

In case you bought one of the early PinePhones, you'll get another crack at a discounted upgrade to a current-rev motherboard very soon ("early April"): pine64.com/product/pinephone-c

We built a wind powered vehicle designed to go *directly* downwind - faster than the wind. This is the second run of our first outing. We intended these first "attempts" only as shakeout runs. But we ended up doing better than our ultimate goal of twice windspeed. As a result, we've now set our goal at 3X windspeed.


A dear friend of mine reverse-engineered NYPD complaint data and made the useless data format into something processable. You can find the reverse-engineered data here: github.com/chatnoirsecurity/ny

it used to be that every program would be bundled with Bonzi Buddy, but now it is Google Chrome

For reasons, I'm making a list of ways to quit editors. Ctrl-x Ctrl-c (emacs), Esc-:q (vi), q (ed), Ctrl-x (pico)... who am I missing?

i never got much attention from women... until i became one #DatingTips

I was in a snow storm. No, that's not annoying.

β€” Minkot Ushulzefon, hammerer

irresponsible behavior, mh (-) 

The lakes where I currently live don't work, because they're all small enough that you can see the land around them, and you know that any feelings you put in there have to go somewhere. A Great Lake tricks you into thinking that anything you put in it is just... gone. Nothing could matter in something so big.

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irresponsible behavior, mh (-) 

I ran away to Milwaukee for a few days so I could stare into the lake, and also put all of my feelings in there. I learned at an early age that you take all of the feelings you don't want, go sit by the lake, and let them go.

To my surprise, I saw a ship head out of the Port of Milwaukee this evening -- the Atlantic Huron, bound for Sarnia. I took it for a laker but it isn't, and that really impressed on me how big lakers are O_O

Once again, the end! No moral.

BLACK PEOPLE (nonblack okay to boost): Let Us Be is our flagship initiative that provides a one-time $500 gift to 3 - 5 Black Liberationist change-makers each month. We begin accepting applications on the third Monday of every month, and decisions are made the following week.

Apply & get more info here! --> blackgivingfund.org/let-us-be

friday evening 22:00, and I finally have NIST P-256 ECDSA sign and verify up and running with test vectors in #OCaml using no gmp (or other bignum libraries), but only proven (with Coq) code that does computations over p and n in constant time (using github.com/mit-plv/fiat-crypto) \o/

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