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buckle up, it got long 

@WeeMadHamish okay this is quite helpful. Thank you so much

half-solicited advice 

@wilbr @WeeMadHamish good to know. Thank you!

@Elizabeth_Fitz I really like high quality matcha and many green teas (dragon well, high mountain green, etc). for herbal options dok anchan and chrysanthemum are my favourites

@Elizabeth_Fitz now i have to ask you what your favourite teas are... i used to be on tea twitter now and then lol

@dani yeah i am seeing a surprising lot of activity here

@coralm i guess in the ones i have played i like the collective storytelling. action and combat are cool too, but like more strategy stuff and less stats/dice rolling? i also ran a D&D one shot in a homebrew wuxia world with the help of an experienced DM friend that was really fun.

@WeeMadHamish sure, what tips do you have? i'm kind of wondering about the best ways to find tags/search/communities on this site if that's a thing

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Hey, #danmei fans! If you also enjoy #wuxia, you should be following my friend @yilinwriter

@coralm yeah when i first started talking about wuxia stuff on twitter i attracted all these TTRPG folks and i was like where did you all come from and how come you know what wuxia is... i ended up speaking on wuxia on a bunch of TTRPG podcasts, then got asked to consult for a wuxia TTRPG handbook and some other games, so i accidentally became a subcommunity of that community

@WizardOfDocs yeah i do! i love green teas and matcha and herbal stuff... i should make myself a cup

@dani @coralm yeah for sure, i'm also spending time with my home feed too, but for some reason i just started getting random people replying to me lol. i wish there's a way to limit replies somehow. i guess i need to figure out how i want to use this platform

@coralm i'm interested in TTRPGs since there is a big overlap between TTRPG communities and wuxia, and also into them in terms of writing, but i haven't really played anything except D&D and it's been a while. this pandemic has been too overwhelming :/

@coralm yeah me too... the nature of the platform allowing only one local space when my life is in fact filled with many communities and identities? i'm just trying to encourage more bipoc folks i know to get on here for now but we'll see what happens. i'll go where my communities go

@SoniaSulaiman also direct messages show up as a toot but just private? it's a little weird haha

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