Wow - I cannot believe my iPhone 6S will support iOS 15. Six years of support and counting...😂

At this point, I refuse to invest time in a new Netflix show until they at least renew it for a second season.

Best line in John Wick 2: "Are you here for the Pope?" 😂

May the fourth be with you - got my first COVID-19 vaccination shot today. Those aren't midi-chlorians in my bloodstream! 😆

What makes “Nemesis Games” the best Expanse novel in the series so far is its unflinching focus on intimate character development. The devastation of Earth could have been an epic set piece, but instead it was just a backdrop.

Made some sweet improvements to my blog workflow - for the CMS and GitHub Actions for deployment automation. New post is up about it!

What do I do if the Windows Task Manager is not responding? Is there a Task Manager for the Task Manager?

Amazon is getting so creepily efficient, the package arrives at my door before I’ve even clicked the “Buy Now” button.

It's been a long December and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last - Counting Crows

I need a tracking device in my Wookie slippers. On that note, Happy New Year! 🥳 Also, new post is up about my new Apple Watch. TLDR: I dig it

New post up with pic of my new mechanical keyboard - I'm realizing I could use some serious cable management in my home office!

Can I just say what a nice touch it is to include matching dynamic wallpapers on both iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur?

Can't say I'm shocked that Google is moving Google Photos to a paid service but I hoped this day would never come. It was a beautiful thing while it lasted.

2021 iPhone roundup

2020 iPhones not even out yet, but may as well bookmark this page now, lol

"I feel old. I am old." - I feel you Dave, 100 percent 😂

I cannot tell you how disappointing it is that the only company spending millions of dollars of R&D on VR is... Facebook. I was looking forward to plugging into the Matrix. But now I choose the red pill.

Decided to transcribe my handwritten journal entries and scan my old photos from my Zimbabwe trip in the year 2000. It was a lot of work, but what a trip. Maybe I can do something similar with my 1995 backpacking trip through Europe? BTW, there is only one pic of me in Zimbabwe and my clothing is truly horrifying. In my defense, I think I was out of clean laundry...

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