Hey, I just turned 45, which means I'm halfway to fifty 😬 Also, I have a long new post out.

My latest blog post on the 2021 MacBook Pro is just a riot. 🤣

Tim Cook goes off script - this is hilarious!


I missed this last year probably because it came out in March 2020 and y'all know what happened in March 2020...

Testing out carrd.co. It took a few minutes to make this: notchwatch.carrd.co/

I'll probably keep it updated just for fun...

Oh hell no. If there is anything more creepy than a dude staring at you with sunglasses recording Facebook videos, then please let me know cause I'm drawing a blank.


Another heat wave - 38 C this time. Actually kind of used to it now. 😅

New post up - "a sick summer". I think by the time late August rolls around, I'll be ready for some cooler temps.

I'm never joking about "Junuary" ever again - sustained temps above 40 C in Canada are as devastating as the snowstorms were in Texas. The climate-change bill is due.

Unreal heat - dying over here. 🔥 😓 🔆 We have to start cooling this planet back down.

Wow - I cannot believe my iPhone 6S will support iOS 15. Six years of support and counting...😂

At this point, I refuse to invest time in a new Netflix show until they at least renew it for a second season.

Best line in John Wick 2: "Are you here for the Pope?" 😂

May the fourth be with you - got my first COVID-19 vaccination shot today. Those aren't midi-chlorians in my bloodstream! 😆

What makes “Nemesis Games” the best Expanse novel in the series so far is its unflinching focus on intimate character development. The devastation of Earth could have been an epic set piece, but instead it was just a backdrop.

Made some sweet improvements to my blog workflow - forestry.io for the CMS and GitHub Actions for deployment automation. New post is up about it!

What do I do if the Windows Task Manager is not responding? Is there a Task Manager for the Task Manager?

Amazon is getting so creepily efficient, the package arrives at my door before I’ve even clicked the “Buy Now” button.

It's been a long December and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last - Counting Crows

I need a tracking device in my Wookie slippers. On that note, Happy New Year! 🥳 Also, new post is up about my new Apple Watch. TLDR: I dig it

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