The Verge has been re-designed and... it's not great. It seems clear that responsive design was the focus, which is too bad - but I get it. The format is great on phone screens (especially OLED), but ridiculous on a 27-inch display.

I'm about to upgrade my iPhone XS to iOS 16. But it's now officially the end of the road for my 6S (which has been passed on but is still in use).

Thanks to Josh, who runs the excellent Vancouver-based YouTube channel 91Tech, for a fitting iPhone 6S tribute:

Netflix out here just slaying the vampire genre with Day Shift and Midnight Mass. Both outstanding in different ways.

Thankfully, this summer is nowhere near as hot as last year's, but it looks like it's the UK's turn for a brutal heatwave. My sympathies mates.

Hello Summer 😎 New post up on my WWDC thoughts. What else did I enjoy this month? Figuring out how to automatically generate a PDF from form data using FPDF.

I'm genuinely puzzled over the rumoured substandard specs for the iPhone14. But Dave's thoughtful take on it makes a lot of sense.

New post up with my thoughts about Google I/O.

On a side note: Temperature today is a pleasant 12 C - really hoping we don't get a heat wave in June again but it's looking good so far. It was downright cold when we visited Osoyoos last weekend...

Three things I enjoyed this month:
1. My new ergonomic office chair for working at home.
2. Learning how to use browser local storage with JavaScript.
3. Complaining about social media in my latest longform piece.

So after going β€œnaked” for half a year, I ended up buying a case for my iPhone. Not because I’m worried about breaking it - I just don’t like how it rocks on the table because of the camera bump. Easy to forget the bump was a compromise that has become permanent.

First time I got it on the second try! Sometimes you get lucky...

Wordle 278 2/6


Had an amazing conversation last night with Tim Cook and Trinity (from the Matrix) in a dream. We really worked through some of Trinity's issues and Tim is such a humble guy. πŸ˜‚

Welcome to 2022! πŸŽ‰ Or, as I like to call it, 2020 two! I have a new post up and this one is a deep dive into OLED.

Bit of a somber Christmas post up now. πŸŽ„ On the plus side, I managed to write a post every month this year on schedule!

Hey, I just turned 45, which means I'm halfway to fifty 😬 Also, I have a long new post out.

My latest blog post on the 2021 MacBook Pro is just a riot. 🀣

Tim Cook goes off script - this is hilarious!

I missed this last year probably because it came out in March 2020 and y'all know what happened in March 2020...

Testing out It took a few minutes to make this:

I'll probably keep it updated just for fun...

Oh hell no. If there is anything more creepy than a dude staring at you with sunglasses recording Facebook videos, then please let me know cause I'm drawing a blank.

Another heat wave - 38 C this time. Actually kind of used to it now. πŸ˜…

New post up - "a sick summer". I think by the time late August rolls around, I'll be ready for some cooler temps.

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