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wordbit @wordbit@wandering.shop

For video editing, I'm finding Camtasia so much easier to use than Lightworks for my purposes.

Had a good day yesterday documenting an ROV water test.

Finally got a post out for 2018 - as promised, the third instalment of my short story.

My thirst for all things Time Travel has led me to the Spanish show "El ministerio del tiempo". The first episode really hooks you in by the end. Surprisingly brisk, and...funny?

The pressing question of the day is: Am I truly recovering from my mysterious illness, or is it the Tylenol/Advil combo?

Fallout 4... damn. Now that I’ve found my son, I’m rethinking my allegiance. If I don’t join the Institute then what’s the point of the whole game.

No blog post for February. But I'm working on the next chapter of my short story, hopefully for March.

And in other news, I've decided to throw my support behind the Railroad in Fallout 4.

Saw a couple of good movies on the weekend. Spiderman Homecoming was finally a Spiderman reboot done right. Everest prompted me to add "Into Thin Air" to my reading list.

Stayed at Harrison Hot Springs on the weekend and went skiing at Sasquatch Resort. Was a good break. Snowy landscapes were just stunning.

Well, well, well. Public Mobile backed down after thousands of complaints were submitted to the CCTS. But in their "apology" letter, they say this: "While all good things must come to an end at some point – that point is not today." A veiled threat to be sure. I'll have to think about whether to stick with PM cause the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Public Mobile just texted me to say they are raising my cell phone bill by $20 a month. WTF 😡

On the book side of things, I've started the third Mistborn novel -
The Hero of Ages. It is predictably awesome.

I'm enjoying Altered Carbon - my wife's cousin worked on it (it was filmed in Vancouver). The plot's a bit muddy but the visuals are A+

My four-year old's most hilarious threat: "Do what I say or I'll punch you in the eyeball."

Started off focusing on the main quest in Fallout 4 but am now agonizing over which faction to side with...so yeah, I'm hooked.

Intel's new Vaunt smart glasses look very promising and the right way to avoid being a "glasshole".

Put together another video highlighting the new features in the latest SW update cause the last one was a hit. Maybe I should branch into Marketing instead of Engineering?

The DJI Mavic Air looks absolutely sick. Would have loved one of these when I was doing backcountry hiking (prior to having kids).

Doesn't look like there will be a blog post for January, which is a fail 😞 But, it has been a busy start to the year and nobody is paying me to blog.