Been a while since I last bought books. Let's see how this goes...

Disposable email services, or whatever you call them, rule.

I just listened to this creepy podcast episode and now I can't sleep.

@hiscursedness I can't wait for it to release in my country. It's exactly my cup of tea.

Sir, this is a library. Drop the ritual materials and leave the building.

Surely I'd be able to afford an amazing vertical ergonomic mouse once I get my *does math* next four paychecks?

@bovil I am not a fan of reacts either. These days, they have become public opinion polls. Heart for "I like this." The HAHA for "I hate this."

Now the Care react. That I like, too.

@pauljessup I do enjoy audiobooks with multiple narrators, mostly one per main character. Expensive to produce, but it allows some added immersion that audiodramas provide.

Welcome to another episode of "Did aliens create this, or are humans simply awesome?"

Am I too tired to read this book or is it just another case of the Lazies?

@ByTylerHayes I have never played a Kirby game before, so this will be my first. I'm glad to know it's a good installment. The trailer caught my attention and I said yes quickly.

@JonathanWood Oh, I would love to experience the storyline. With Inquisition, it felt like I was only getting a slice of the pie. I'll make sure to remember that bit about wizards!

@ByTylerHayes I've been meaning to get the game next month. How is it? What's your personal rating? :)

@JonathanWood Dragon Age: Inquisition, no doubt. I haven't touched Origins yet, but heard great things about it. Just got a Game Pass subscription, so I'll definitely check it out soon.

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