Anything scary lately? A book, a movie, a TV commercial, or a real-life encounter?

Minecraft trauma 

@wilfred a couple griefers got nto a friend's server the other night while I was on

there's nothing quite like getting murdered by someone who just joined the server for the first time
then respawning at your bed only to discover that the house you put so much work into is on fire, and that your killer is coming through your upstairs balcony door with sword in one hand and flint and steel in the other

honest to god slasher movie material

Minecraft trauma 

@WizardOfDocs @wilfred O_O

That is genuinely horrifying, yes.

Minecraft trauma 

@Rowyn @wilfred I was entirely prepared to have nightmares about fire and getting stabbed.

Instead, I had complicated dreams about trying to rebuild the house. You take what you can get, I guess.

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