@wilfred it's a Canadian linguist and am Australian linguist talking about what makes language cool. They just did a neat little episode about fricatives (and the latest Patreon bonus is about how people talk when they're drunk, in case that's your thing).

My other favorite these days is The Spawn Chunks, which is a Canadian Minecraft streamer and a British one talking about Minecraft, and occasionally interviewing the devs & other content creators

@wilfred My Brother, My Brother, and Me

Followed closely by Oh No Ross and Carrie

@Alamantus I always see My Brother, My Brother, and Me in the top charts, but nevet got the chance to listen. I'll try an episode tonight!

@wilfred Just one? Probably鈥

The Micheaux Mission

鈥淰incent Williams and Len Webb are on a mission to watch and review every African-American film ever released to theaters, from Oscar Micheaux to Ava Duvernay and beyond.鈥

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