Bloodborne is stressing me out (but in a good way). I've beaten three bosses and I can't wait for more. Any useful tips? I just got the Chalice.

@wilfred Oh, I love that game! Not sure what you know already, so some random things: make sure you spend your echoes (shouldn't leave the dream with echoes), don't forget to use the gun, don't forget to watch for stamina, learn a weapon well (different forms, R1 vs R2) instead of switching weapons all the time (when you are halfway or something you can start experimenting), remember you can often dodge *towards* the enemy, remember visceral attack from the back!

Enjoy, and feel free to ask!

@hardcorenarrativist I did not know you could dodge toward the enemy and not get hit! and also didn't know about the visceral attacks! these will be extremely useful. :D

i chose the cane/whip weapon. enjoying it so far!

@hardcorenarrativist Heyyyy! I'm having so much fun. The bosses aren't giving me too much trouble, surprisingly. I'm currently doing the Chalice Dungeons and I'm on my third one. Thanks for giving me the tips! Backstabbing and visceral attacks are so much fun.

@wilfred One "funny" thing about bosses is that different people struggle with a completely different set of bosses, eg. I was not far from giving up the whole game because of Darkbeast Paarl, which seems really easy for some people, and I killed Vicar Amelia and Lady Maria (from the DLC, which you should get if you don't already have it!) quite effortlessly, while others struggle with them 😕 🤷

In any case, glad you're enjoying it! It's a great game 😄

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